Former Bachelor Michelle Young denies rumors of Olukoya breakup in Naye

Michelle Young This is not the case with secret videos that have gone viral on social media!

The former Bachelorette Lead is living happily with her fianc Naite Olukoya – Or he, until this last weekend, when a clip went viral among fans of an online TV series that showed Young without his engagement ring!

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The footage was recorded while Michelle was walking on a rooftop with some friends over the weekend of Memorial Day holiday, and it was seen capturing the teacher without the 3.2-carat. Neil Lane Diamonds. Want hope with you Bachelor Nation Fan base, viewers immediately questioned whether Olukoya was divided. But Michelle talked about the video over the weekend – and explained that it wasn’t on a breakup card!

Taking her to him Instagram story In a series of feedback videos, the fifth grade teacher explained:

“Okay, I don’t usually come here to address these kinds of things, but because I’ve got a lot of messages about it … a video of me on a rooftop this weekend and I’m not wearing my engagement ring.”

The 28-year-old added in a follow-up message:

“The person who is paying enough attention to capture that moment, you also have to pay enough attention so that a good friend of mine briefly removes my engagement ring to try it out and then puts it back on my finger.”


The Bachelor Happy Hour The podcast co-host then had to remind viewers that, despite the reality TV fame, he and his 27-year-old man were “human” and “not a zoo show” where people could only wave at them in public. Yes!

The teacher correctly concluded that it was “terrible” to take such videos:

“Not to mention, it’s horrible to make videos without anyone knowing! It’s not good! ”

It’s not really cool! Nayte didn’t feel very different, sharing her response on TikTok, saying “my 90% DM” is full of questions about their relationship:

“Where’s Michelle? Where’s she? Why aren’t you with her? For example, physical location কোথায় where is she? Where’s Michelle, Nite ?!”

@thekingbabatunde 90% of my DMs.

Glad they are both clear!

[Image via Michelle Young/Instagram]

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