Former Disney Channel star Stony Westmoreland has been sentenced to two years in prison

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The former Disney Channel The star will spend a couple of years in jail.

Received according to Utah District Court documents And! News, Stony Westmoreland He was sentenced to just two years in prison and 10 years in custody after trying to seduce a minor into having sex with him. Is that it ?!

The 52-year-old apparently made a deal in the case, pleading guilty to lesser charges for using interstate facilities to send information about a minor. As part of his deal with prosecutors, Stony must comply with a DNA collection and register as a sex offender. His computer devices will also be randomly searched and inspected. She needs to report to the authorities all the accounts she uses for electronic communication and storage, including email and social media. In addition, Stony is not permitted to communicate with anyone under the age of 18 without the supervision of an adult.

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If you didn’t know, the actor was arrested Salt Lake City Police Department And FBI Child Abuse Task Force In December 2018, a 13-year-old boy allegedly tried to arrange for a man to sleep with him. What f ** k! According to Charging Docs, an detective mentioned that on December 13, 2018, while working in the Organized Crime Unit, Westmoreland contacted him via a dating app. Grinder. He said Stony allegedly “started the conversation with what he believed to be a 13-year-old man and asked if the man would come to his hotel room and engage in sexual activity.”

During the conversation, the detective further mentioned that he sent sexually explicit pictures. As such, Utah prosecutors have charged him with six counts of attempting to have sex with a teenager – including a second-degree felony charge of enticing a juvenile through the Internet or text, four three-degree felony counts that work to one’s detriment. Juvenile delinquency, and one-third criminal count of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor.

Following the arrest, Disney fired Stony from his sitcom Andy Mack, Where he played the role of Grandpa Henry “Ham” Mac. They said in a statement E! At:

“Given the nature of the allegations and our responsibility for the welfare of the hired minors, we have released him from his recurring role and he will not return to work on the series.”

Stony now has to report to jail by July 19. What do you think of his sentence, Perezius reader? Too much light? The following comments are harmful).

[Image via Salt Lake County Jail]

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