Former MTV reality star accused of shooting her husband to death – just four days

You may not remember Amber RosalesYou’ve never even seen it Big Tips Texas. But from now on you will know his name! And not because he got the reality TV villain edit.

The former MTV The star has been arrested and charged with murdering her husband. Her husband is only four days!

According to an affidavit, d Denton Police Department She herself responded to a 911 call from Rosales, where she said her husband had been shot while sitting in their truck. A second caller, who remained anonymous, also alerted police at the scene that a pickup had “crashed into the backyard of a residence”.

During the police intervention, the victim, who was still alive, was shot in the abdomen and was rushed to hospital. Unfortunately it was too late; He was pronounced dead at the scene. He was later officially identified as 31 years old Jeffrey McBrideAmber’s husband is only four days old.

Read the Denton Police Department media release (below):

Officers responded to a shooting in the 1100 block of E. Sherman Drive at 9:58 a.m. April 25. Initial 911 callers told senders that her husband had just been shot, while another caller reported that a pickup truck had crashed into the yard. The truck, identified as an unconscious man in the driver’s seat and a woman in the passenger seat, was taken by doctors to a local hospital where the male victim, who was shot in the abdomen, was pronounced dead. Has identified. “

What a devastating case but unfortunately this is not the whole story!

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When Amber first spoke to police, she explained that her husband had been killed by another man who “shot the victim before fleeing.” He confessed to police in a statement:

“[McBride] I was going to make a drug deal… and it got worse. “

So even if her husband goes to buy or sell drugs, the dealer kills her? But did you leave him alive as a witness? Hmmm.

He further added that the assailant “removed the revolver, threw the passengers in front of the vehicle on the floorboard, then fled on foot.” He explained that the victim’s leg “hit the accelerator immediately after shooting him” causing him to crash the truck.

However, when DPD sat down with Rosales during the investigation, he did not seem to be able to keep his story consistent. For example, he told police that the killer had previously stolen the revolver from McBride’s home. So it was Them The gun he just borrowed …

Not only that, but one officer noted that Amber had “scratches on her left and right hand” and that her “right pink finger was swollen.” Asked about the injuries, he claimed he was “fighting for a revolver” with the real killer.

After a thorough investigation, the Denton Police Department released a statement explaining the key They Thoughts occurred (below):

“During the investigation, detectives executed search warrants, interviewed witnesses and family members, and conducted a thorough review of surveillance videos. Evidence obtained by the investigation shows that Rosales’s statement was inconsistent on multiple occasions. The evidence led investigators to believe that Rosales was the only other person who had been shot. “

In other words, there were no drug dealers, no mystery people. The man who fired the gun was the only person in the car with McBride: his wife.

Amber Rosales face shot
(c) Denton Police Department

This all just came about Four days Couple after marriage! How terrible!

After an investigation, detectives applied for a murder warrant, which was eventually granted by a local judge. Amber was arrested Wednesday morning at her residence and is currently in custody in Denton Prison City. His bond is set at ,000 500,000. Some tell us that there is going to be a long order, looking at that as the second season Big Tips Texas Never picked up.

The victim’s family wants privacy at this time.

[Image via Denton Police Department/MTV/Facebook]

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