G Flip reveals if they want kids with Chrysal Stew in the future!

Shh! It’s a lot to see Chrysal Stage And G flip Be ready to take the next step in their relationship!

An attendance time People every day In a podcast on Friday, the 27-year-old singer opened up about the possibility of starting a family one day with Crishel. And let’s just say the couple seems to be on the same page! G has been shared with Flip Host Jenin Rubenstein:

“I am definitely looking forward to seeing my future kids. At this point, Chrysal and I know where we are in our lives. And we are very transparent about that. I love kids. I was a music teacher for a few years before I became a session drummer and then a solo artist. So I was, I’ve always loved kids, and yes, there will be a day in the future. “

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While the kids may not happen until the next date, the Australian artist noted that they are confident that both will be there for the long haul:

“I am just happy to have him in my life. We both think we will live in each other’s lives forever. We have a very strong connection that you can’t find every day. “

Aha! You probably know, the reality star, with whom to break up Jason Oppenheim Because they haven’t seen eye-to-face about the kids, Season 5’s reunion has been confirmed during the special Sell ​​the sunset That he is in a relationship with G. Flip:

“I have been spending a lot of time with someone lately who is very important to me. Their name is G Flip. They are non-binary, so they go by them / them. And they are very talented musicians. “

The duo created a connection for the drummer music video Let me go – which finally came down earlier this week. However, G Flip revealed in a recent podcast episode that they were actually seen long before working on a music video! The Gay 4m The actor recalled:

“We met on Halloween last year. We were both with our former partners then… and then, we were clearly separated from our partners, and we just started talking. We’ve just found a lot of similarities, though people will think we’re from different parts of the world. We sometimes see ourselves the same way. “

But obviously, the spark Really The duo began flying after filming a visual of their song, which included some steamy AF make-out scenes. G. Flip says:

“And then it was really easy and fun in the movie [set], You know, fun and airy and easy. So it was great to make that clip. We’ve seen it many times before we actually got it out. We’ve edited a lot of it, but it’s great. It’s out of the world now. “

We are so happy for Crishel and G Flip! In response to the musician’s confession, Perezius reader? The following comments are harmful).

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