Gabby Petito’s father shared a heartbreaking throwback photo that he found

Gabby PetitoHer father shared such a tear-jerking post.

Lifer’s father said in the van on Thursday Joseph Little Revealing that while he was cleaning something, he discovered a rare picture of his daughter, who was tragically murdered by her fianc, Brian LaundryWhen he was just 22 last summer. A reflection of his loss and the importance of finding a new picture of him, Joseph shared Twitter:

“Empty our storage unit and come across it. Take as many photos / videos with your loved ones as possible. #TBT #gabbypetito #missyou #loveyou “

Such heartbreaking advice.

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In the picture, a young Gabby is sitting on her father’s lap and smiling at something off-screen This is truly a happy snapshot of life when things were so much easier for this family. Let’s see:

What a beautiful.

We cannot imagine that Joseph continues to mourn his daughter’s sudden and unconscious loss. We hope photos like this will help her feel connected to Gabby

[Image via Joseph Petito/Gabby Petito/Instagram]

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