General Evans slammed Kylen Lori: You’re just a dumb, salty B-Teach!

For the past few years, d Teenage mother There was a feud between Kylen Lori and Brianna DeJesus over the headlines.

But now, an old beef has resurfaced, and if you’re a longtime fan of the franchise, we probably don’t need to tell you that Kyle and Janel Evans have a very messy history together.

General has been fired Adolescent mother 2 Back in 2019, but he stuck to drama whenever possible.

His reasons for this are probably many, and include the monotony and intense desire to re-act on the show that made him rich and famous.

So when Digesas throws an “anti-Kyle” party and invites Janelle, Evans happily leaves everything to join the festivities.

The MTV camera was there, and Evans undoubtedly hoped it would be a chance for him to appear Adolescent mother 2 For the first time in three years.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

General at Brie's party

Still, he tries his best to justify himself in the ongoing conflict between Brie and Kyle, as this is the first time in years that General has felt anything close to real relevance.

While the party was going on, Brie and her guests made a lot of social media posts, mainly to ridicule and mock Kyle.

Lori’s best friend, Sister Estrada, applauded Kyle over the attacks and now appears to be in a heated argument with Janelle.

Kyle and Bones

“At first you knew what you were doing was talking about Kyle … you were all literally obsessed,” the sister wrote.

Usually people are hyperbolic when they use words like “obsessed” – but in this case it can really be an accurate description.

As well as a photo of Evans at the airport, Estrada added, “Imagine flying out to celebrate someone you ‘hate’.”

Bones d

“Invite me to the next party so I can beat you all so badly,” the sister continued.

Estrada also responded to posts where Kyle’s enemies declared the case “closed.”

“Dismiss the case. You don’t stop weird ass b-tches,” he wrote.

Geneles create content

No one missed an opportunity to stir up some new drama, Jenelle immediately clapped back to the bone.

“What kind of nickname bones first?” Evans asked on Instagram.

“Second .. darling you have no idea how the law works. You can’t get regulatory orders because b-tches are salty,” Evans continued.

Bone 3

“Third … you’re the one threatening to hit the ass. We can all get someone out of you to make you look dumb. Freedom of speech is a wise thing, isn’t it?” He asked.

Kyle probably won’t file a restraining order against his bizarrely violent haters, but that doesn’t mean he’s an expert in general law.

Repeated arrests do not make you a lawyer.

General Evans at OnlyFans

Of course, this is a win-win for Janelle who can only benefit from another conflict with Kyle and his friends.

Janelle has been unemployed for years, and insiders claim that neither she nor her husband, David Eisen, have worked since 2019, considering the flat break, which is understandable.

Janelle launched a OnlyFans page last week, never doing it despite previous promises.

Janelle Evans in a video

David followed this for years after mocking the other “celebrities” who joined the site, which is a good indication of how desperate these two are.

So it implies that Janelle is using this opportunity to involve herself Adolescent mother 2 Drama, because he probably thinks this is his best chance to get back on the show.

Of course, he still has to convince MTV that he is anything but a huge liability – and if it ever is, it’s a fierce battle.

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