Ghost! Ghostbusters caught on English CCTV cameras – what is it ?!

Ghosts roam among us!

So says a man in the Gloucestershire area of ​​England, at least, after a security camera on his property captured a ghostly ghost walking (floating ?!) on the street and over his son’s van!

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According to Stroud TimesA man by the name of Stroud, England Shane Matthews One day earlier this month he was reviewing footage when he noticed something very scary. The camera, which was pointed at the front of Shen’s house and on the street before it, shows a kind of hint across the screen at 5:46 a.m. on the first of May.

Shocked at the scene, Mathews looked even closer – and saw that a black-ish must have slowly moved across the street and into his son’s van parked in front of the house before disappearing! Even creepier, said local media outlets such as Matthews, Others He held the camera in front of his house and did not move at all!

He recalls his push to the news agency:

“I have two cameras in front of my house. One made the movement, the other did not. ”

So, what, the ghost is caught on a camera at a time, or?!?! That makes it even more terrifying, TBH!

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The surprised man was a lifelong skeptic as far as ghost stories were concerned. But now that he has first-hand experience, he has it all!

Matthews explains:

“I didn’t believe in ghosts, but now I do.”

Well, shoot! Seeing the footage themselves, now maybe we feel the same way! And you can watch the awesome 17-second clip of Matthews Caspar the friendly ghostIts paranormal friend here.

Sooooo what is it ?! Looks like it can’t be a camera error. It is very smooth and controlled, and it certainly moves from one place to another at a fast and uninterrupted speed. And we think it’s not an animal that the camera didn’t pick up properly. Very vague! And it floated on top of the van before it disappeared. An animal will not move like this!

We’re super confused by it. But maybe we should just ask Lily Rainhart Investigate? After all, she seems to have some insight into what (who ??) she is! Or maybe Vanessa Hudgens Can you come up with some info for us ??


What do you think, fan reader ??

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[Image via Casper The Friendly Ghost/YouTube]

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