Gisele Bundchen says being topless at a fashion show at the age of 18 was ‘traumatizing’

Models look simple on the most daring outfits. But I do not think so!

Gisele Bundchen Some of the most iconic looks for him broke Enjoy the British Provides an amazing insight into the minds of this week and future supermodels.

He was struggling to book a gig when he was just 18 years old. He remembers:

“It was my first show season in London. I did 42 castings. I remember going to all the casting calls, and no one would even look at my book because it was the heroine’s glamorous time. I didn’t see anything like the heroine chic.”

Huh. Very funny how fashion goes through trends, right?

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But he landed Alexander McQueenRunway show at London Fashion Week, a big score. However, she had no fitting, she just showed up and was given her clothes:

“I was like, ‘What am I wearing?’ I can say like a few words [in English], And I was like, ‘What, what is this? T-shirt or something else? ‘

Or something else! It was nothing but a shimmering thread made on top of a barely-there. You could see directly through her empty breasts! If you don’t remember …

She’s shocked!

“So, I started crying … I was walking and thinking, ‘Oh my God. I hope my dad doesn’t see it.’

He called it the “most painful” experience of his career. Although he “wanted to leave” he finally felt that staying and seeing through it had “strengthened” him. Well, that must have made him even more famous!

See Mrs. Tom Brady Break the provocative look – and 21 people (below)!

[Image via British Vogue/YouTube.]

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