Go back to ridiculous costs ?! Johnny Depp is reported to have collected $ 62k tabs in Curry

So, you do it when you only won $ 10.35 million ?!

Johnny Depp He is leaving no stone unturned to celebrate the victory of his defamation suit. Ram Diary Alum took a break from rocking on stage to treat himself and his team to a gorgeous Indian dinner in Birmingham, England on Sunday night!

According to Dailymail.comThe 58-year-old actor, his friend Jeff Beck (Whose concert he attended), and their 20-person group occupied the restaurant Varanasi To enjoy a feast of food and drink. Mohammad HossainThe director of operations in Varanasi told the outlet:

“We had a blue phone call on Sunday afternoon that Johnny Depp wanted to come eat with a group of people. I was shocked and at first, I thought it might be a breeze. “

This is not just a joke, it has gained thousands of establishments in one night !!

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Mohammed added:

“But then his security team came and checked out the restaurant and we gave them the whole place because we were worried he might be disturbed by other diners.”

Johnny arrives around 7 pm and stays until midnight. While there, she had no problem taking pictures with staff and their family members. Hussein continues:

“She was a very nice, down to earth block who spent a lot of time talking to the staff, our friends and family and was happy to pose for pictures with them. You never thought he would be such a big star. He had plenty of time for all of us. “

The restaurant is well prepared for the party, which includes shish kebab, chicken tikka and tandoori king prawn. For the main course, they made Butter Chicken, Paneer Tikka Masala, Lamb Karhi and King Prawn Roast. There was naan, rice, salad with everything. For dessert, Caribbean pirates Alum chose an emerald quota and a less traditional dish of cheesecake. Sounds delicious! Mohammed explains how the restaurant made all these dishes:

“He obviously knows something about Indian food and enjoys it. We made sure it was not too spicy so that Johnny Depp could enjoy a variety of flavors. “

The team is on top of delicious food with lots of cocktails and rose champagne. Johnny liked it so much that he ordered some people to take him home with him! All that we have to imagine costs a lot! Although the Director of Operations has agreed not to disclose the official amount, the outlet has confirmed that the final bill is approximately £ 50,000 (or $ 62,662.50). Pay for all by Johnny! That’s great! Regarding prices, Mohammed says:

“We had to promise not to publish the final bill, but let’s keep it that way; Money was no problem, and it was easily in five figures. We’ve made the most money from our busiest night of the week visiting Depp, which is a Saturday when we have about 400 dinners. “

No wonder they are happy that he stopped!

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Looks like money was spent on this performer, happy employee continued:

“Apart from food, champagne, wine and all kinds of drinks were dropped off there. Depp and his team had a great time. They like the food, the restaurant environment and the service we provide. It was an honor to have him here. “

Interestingly, Johnny was obviously in a celebratory mood, he also left the party at one point and chatted with Hussein in his office for about 20 minutes:

“He said he wanted a break from everyone and sat in my office, where he saw his teammates on CCTV and asked me a lot of questions about it. I didn’t ask about it Amber [Heard] Or a court case. It was a nice conversation with a very humble man. I’m still pinching myself because I never dreamed Johnny Depp would be in my office chatting about how the restaurant’s CCTV works. “

LOLz! Are they really talking about security cameras ??

Their six-week defamation lawsuit at Fairfax, Virginia, came just days after Depp was paid $ 10.35 million in damages by his ex-wife, Amber Hard. The actor sued his ex-partner for 50 million after he released one The Washington Post Op-Ed, about the experience of domestic violence, claims that it portrayed him as an abuser, despite not mentioning his name, since it first appeared in the headline after his very public allegations against him.

From the moment the verdict was read it was clear that Johnny was happy with the outcome of the terrible legal case, but seeing him throw all this money at a dinner only proved that he was feeling better! And maybe all the new cash is loosening its way to be wise late ?! In the past, the notorious spending habit was a target of major criticism against the actor, but apparently he DGAF! Feedback, fan reader?

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