God! North Carolina home sinks – caught on video!

Mother Nature is forcing us to think twice about real estate in front of the ocean!

According to National Park ServiceTwo beach-side houses on Hatters Island in the Outer Bank of North Carolina sank in the sea on Tuesday due to strong winds and strong waves.

Fortunately, they were both empty when they came downstairs: the first house collapsed in the morning, while the second house sank later in the day.

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time OBX has been homecoming this year. In February, another house in the area collapsed, and the NPS expects other homes in the area to collapse “in the near future.”

David HalakThe superintendent of East North Carolina National Parks said in a statement Tuesday:

“Unfortunately, more houses could collapse on the beach in the near future. Since the first house collapse, we have been actively contacting homeowners along Ocean Drive in Rodente and recommending that measures be taken to prevent landslides and impacts on Cape Hatteras National Seashore. “

So scary! But you know, we’re sure climate change is just a silly hoax and not real at all! Something to worry about! Surely this kind of thing will not be bad!

Watch the video to see the tragedy (below)

[Image via National Park Service]

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