GoFundMe stops fake campaigns to cover Amber Hard’s case payments

GoFundMe This is not happening with any page trying to make some cash later Johnny Depp And Amber HardDefamation trial!

As you probably know by the time the court battle between the ex-couple ended on Wednesday, the jury found that 36-year-old Johnny had defamed Johnny through a 2018 op-ed. The Washington Post. Amber was later ordered to pay 58 15 million in damages to the 58-year-old, which is limited to নিয়ম 10.35 million in state rules on punitive damages.

Although the amount was reduced, it is still a lot of money for Amber. His attorney Elaine Bradhoft Even said in an interview with Today On Thursday, the actress will be able to pay a significant fee to “not at all” Johnny and appeal against the verdict.

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Even worse, a source said New York Post At that time Aquaman The star actually “breaks”, thanks to her legal fees and extraordinary past expenses for travel, clothes, gifts and wine. Alas! The outlet noted that Amber had to change her legal representation during the trial and claimed that the firm was using her homeowner’s insurance. Travel agencies To cover the costs of his current attorneys.

And while it is common for a homeowner to use an insurance policy in a defamation case, the lawyer said Jeremiah Denton The outlet is told that most policies will pay for the attorney but there is a clause that the cost of the judgment – such as ্ব 10.35 to Amber Johnny – will not be covered. Basically, this means that things don’t look good for one’s mom unless she applies. Or he may have to deal with it for as long as possible, since judgments are better if the time is extended by 10 years or more, according to the judge. Brett Turnbull.

Sounds like a giant mess for Amber! So with that in mind, it seems like some people have decided to create some GoFundMe campaigns to help Johnny cover the cost of what he owes right now. Okay, some … they’re actually fake fundraisers, and the crowdfunding platform isn’t wasting any time shutting them down!

Although the number of fundraisers deleted is unclear, TMZ GoFundMe reported on Saturday that it had launched a campaign, specifically, from a user named Kimberly Moore Amber claimed to know the attorneys and was hoping to raise 1 million for her. The page reads:

“It simply came to our notice then. I believe Amber, and social media has protected the abuser. The verdict exceeded its total value. It is very sad that he was able to come out of the abuse. The verdict is more of that abuse. If you can help him. “

But TMZ The report states that a spokesperson for the company downloaded the profile before raising a large sum of money and found that neither Amber nor his team created the page – and will continue to do so if any more fake accounts are created. GoFundMe also reported TheWrap The ultimate policy is to remove any campaign that is not “approved by the recipient of the fund”.

Although considering what we know, Amber probably appreciated (and needed) that money from the fundraiser! Feedback, fan reader? The following comments are harmful).

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