Halsey creates ‘fake viral moment’ before them to create explosion label record

Halsey There is no fake buzz here!

The singer took over Tick ​​tock To complain about their record labels on Sunday, Astralwerks/Capital Records, Restricting them from releasing new music until a “fake” viral moment is created! In a clear video, the musician, who uses the pronoun he / she, looks at the camera while explaining a caption:

“Basically I have a song that I like that I want to release as soon as possible but my record label will not allow me. I have been in this industry for 8 years and I have sold over 165 million records. And my record company says I can’t publish it unless they can fake a viral moment on TikTok. It’s all about marketing, and they’re doing it with almost every artist these days. “

A. We can see how frustrating it will be for them, especially after their success!

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Annoyed with the marketing strategy, the 27-year-old continued:

“I just want to release the song, man. And I deserve better TBH. I’m tired. “

Ch-ch-check out – and listen to a snippet of Bop that he’s desperate to release (below)!

@ Halsi

I’m tired

♬ The original word – Halsey

Ironically, though, wouldn’t it be a viral moment that his song needed to be released ?! The video has already received about 8 million views! Two birds died in one fell swoop!

Okay, it turns out we weren’t just thinking about it. Fans actually condemned the musician for creating this narrative and a fake viral moment in itself – and they retorted in the comments, arguing:

“Mission failed successfully?

“Chatty. That viral moment they wanted.”

“He just made a viral marketing video and you saw it

“Don’t you understand?” It’s a marketing tick tock LOL “

“Oh we love this marketing strategy so smart!”

Yes !!

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All Halsey wanted to call their label, but damn, their own fans are coming after them now !!

When a fan points out more politely:

“This is a viral marketing video …”

Halsey actually responded to the comment, telling TikTok:

“Bruh I want it haha. They just said I need to post a tick. They didn’t specifically say ‘what about’ so I’m here.”

But another fan was not so sure, adding:

“Plot twist = this is the viral tick that they compromised”

Halsey answers:

“They wanted six?!?”

Shh! That’s a lot!

But, to be fair, he has two viral videos on the same controversial topic since he added an update (below).

@ Halsi

♬ The original word – Halsey

So, Halsey is good on their way, we guess!

React to his negative reaction Twitter On Sunday’s account, the singer tried to dispel rumors by adding more information about the situation, writing:

“I am thinking of my own business on my childcare tour. Four albums deep. Costing. I am very much established to stir up such a thing for no reason or to use it as a marketing ploy but now I am very deep so there is no going back. “

Internally, they later added:

“The music video is literally already done.”

Hmmm. Not sure if this is helping her. If indeed everything is ready, then this TikTok and media frenzy now needs the perfect viral storm to release its new music!

So … Is this all a plan? Or the natural consequence of keeping his record label on the explosion?

You decide in the comments (below), fan readers! Let us know what you think about this debate!

[Image via Halsey/TikTok/Instagram]

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