Harrison Wagner’s girlfriend speaks after the mysterious passage – as a reason

As we report, the legendary soap opera star Jack WagnerSon of Harrison He was found dead in Los Angeles on Monday.

Many have come forward to pay their respects to the late son of the actor. Brother Harrison Peter Wagner A touch photo gallery post Instagram, In the general hospitalOf Frank Valentini Send her condolences via Twitter. But this latest tribute is still the most intimate and heartbreaking – Harrison’s longtime girlfriend. Sophia Bui.

Sophia was Harrison’s on-again, off-again girlfriend for seven years. 27, that’s a lifetime. In an IG tribute posted on Thursday, the actress opened her mouth about her late boyfriend. He referred to her as “Baby”, which seems to be a special nickname among the couple, as seen in several social media posts from them over the years:

“Here is a love letter to Babu. I have a very broken heart. We had a plan this Friday and you called for an apology. “

It looks like the two were planning to reunite on Friday, just days after his death. How devastating.

Sophia said in her “love letter”:

“For seven years, we loved each other. Good or bad. Illness and health. Sorry, I missed the call of the year at midnight these last few days. Miss sleeping on my pola bear’s arm, wrinkled. I miss sending you stupid animal videos. I miss you so much the beautiful song that made me cry. “

Such sincere and weak details give us a glimpse of their lives together. The two seem to love each other even in their troubles.

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Bui concludes his post by describing in detail his feelings for Wagner:

“I was not alone with you in this world. You were the balm that soothed my soul. You were my man. I hope that comfort was for you. I will always be your babu, babu. I would love to love. HarrisonWagner “

Her devotion and commitment to love Harrison “in this world and in another life” is so beautiful and heartbreaking.

The death of the late 27-year-old is still a mystery. In a statement published Page sixA spokesman for the LA County Coroner’s Office explained that the cause of death was still unknown:

“The cause of death has been postponed. Delayed means that after the autopsy, the cause of death has not been determined and the medical examiner is requesting further investigation of the death with additional research. Once the test / study is returned, the doctor re-evaluates the case and determines the cause of death. “

If the autopsy doctor asks for further study and examination, it means that the cause of death is not very clear, which raises more questions about what actually happened.

We hope that a definite answer will be found soon so that the family can have peace. Our hearts are with Sophia and Wagner’s family during this difficult time.


[Image via Instagram/Sophia Bui/Harrison Wagner]

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