Harry Style Completely ‘Bummed’ From His Upcoming Tour Olivia ‘Will Take Him’

Harry style And Olivia Wilde Every college freshman plans to do what they fail to do: work a long distance relationship!

ICYMI, the 28-year-old singer will take to the streets across the country for her Love the tour The show started in August 2022. And while fans are thrilled to see Harry on stage again, it looks like he’s not looking forward to doing the long-distance thing with Olivia! A source has revealed Our weekly:

“Harry is excited about his tour but frustrated it will take him away from Olivia for a while.”

However, this does not mean that couples do not see each other!

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Internal explanation Booksmart The director plans to see her whenever she can – and yes, her show includes dancing:

“But he will come in a few gigs and they are planning fun short trips to different cities when he can take a break on his own.”

Who knows when? Life as a filmmaker is a bit hectic – and especially so demanding. She already has that privacy MarvelDevelopment projects in Sony. And if Don’t worry darling As sexy ass trailer has been accepted as well, she is going to be in more demand!

Although Olivia and Harry are not thrilled to be away from each other, they refuse to let their relationship be affected:

“They are not nervous about spending time together, but when they reunite after a holiday, it adds to the attraction. They are both safe and positive about what the future holds for them. “

This is good because it is never easy for a couple! But it looks like they’ve already done some practice for the time being as they were recently spotted vacationing together in Italy earlier this month. Internal notes Us What was the “perfect opportunity” to spend quality time together before their schedule was “packed”:

“Harry and Olivia had such a great time in Italy, they needed it.”

We have to see what the rent of this pair is at this distance!

Remember, their relationship was born out of acquaintance, seeing each other on set every day, talking at length in his trailer every evening. Sometimes relationships like theirs don’t survive time apart.

Are you rooting for these crazy kids?

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