He and Rob Kardashian have reportedly agreed that Black China is trying to withdraw from the deal

Black China There are alleged “attempts to pull the plug” in a so-called settlement agreement he made with the former Rob Kardashian In their ongoing legal battle over revenge porn.

Of course, the former couple recently fought it out in court – or, more precisely, Chyna fought it out with Rob’s famous sisters – and now they’re back in the second round with the RP situation.

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In a new report published TMZ Monday evening, Dream KardashianHer mother is apparently trying to get back into a settlement with Rob, before the couple’s upcoming trial. Rob, however, was clearly upset, and the outlet reported that he “now wants a judge to stick to the contract.” Shh!

The Arthur George Founder’s legal team filed new court documents Monday claiming China has agreed to withdraw its retaliatory porn lawsuit. If Rob can help him out Other Case in return! Apparently the case was filed by another Chinese, Pilot JonesWho sued both him and Rob for allegedly expelling him as a homosexual, which “threatened him in public.”

Per TMZ In the report, Robbie’s legal docs allege that if he were able to get the two of them out of Jones’ case “without spending a single cent on it,” China would drop the revenge porn lawsuit in exchange. Rob’s legal team claimed in the filing that they had accepted Chyna’s terms in that agreement last month – but the news outlet alleged that “now Chyna is trying to be beautiful” and still threatened to go ahead with next week’s trial in the revenge porn case.

Thus, Robbie was filing a new court order for a judge to execute an apparent settlement with China. As Newsorg notes, this would seem at least somewhat meaningful from a practical point of view, considering that Rob’s family has gone through a high-profile legal battle with his 34-year-old ex and wants to stay out of court for another one soon after. If the trial ends now, it is expected to begin next week. There is no rest for the really tired …

For Chyna’s side of the story, her attorney Lynn Siani Expressing a strong public response TMZ Later on Monday afternoon. Condemning Rob for publishing high-level settlement talks, Siani says:

“Under California law, settlement negotiations are confidential. Rob Kardashian has violated California law by revealing alleged details of ongoing settlement negotiations. Chyna has been allowed to disclose under California law that her revenge porn case against her ex-fianc is under negotiation. When and if the case is settled confidentially, China will warn the court first and then the media. “

And he went on to point out that for some reason Carzena’s attention was drawn to the loss of China’s previous trial:

“In a pre-trial trial in April 2022, a Los Angeles jury rejected Rob’s testimony that China had physically abused him. The jury found that China had not actually physically abused Rob.

That trial is over, that ship has sailed, and it may be time to leave. Just talk!

It will be interesting to see what a judge decides to do in a supposed revenge porn case – and whether this new trial really starts next week as expected.

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