Heartbreaking Mother’s Day account of Ryan Dorsey’s visit to the New River grave:

Mother’s Day is a difficult day to celebrate Ryan Dorsey.

New RivieraTaken by her ex-husband Instagram On Monday, almost two years after the tragic death of the actress, to mourn how difficult it was to get their son through the holidays.

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As well as a series of 6-year-old photos Josie With his late mother, Ryan writes:

“I woke up thinking a lot. Josie is alone with her grandmother and me. I don’t do Happy Mother’s Day B / C text which seems like a crazy thing to consider. My mind is full of many thoughts. A lot. There’s a lot to do this Sunday but the first thing on the list was to get ahead and go to my favorite place in the world. “

Nair’s grave in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles is one of the “favorite places” he talks about visiting. So you can see why he wanted to avoid …

Ryan, split from those Cheers In 2018, alum wrote that he “tried to go back to sleep for a while so that I could dream through reality and postpone real life a little more,” but as he lay in bed he reminisced with his own mother:

“Glimpses of my memories with my mother as a little boy at her age turned into some gratitude for the years I was and still are, the times my son and I spent with her and how they were stopped. I know how these days are going. Plenty of time for water work, but not now. I fight it and I get it. “

Describing what happened in his mind while visiting the memorial, he explained how every thought went back to Rivera, who died in a drowning accident in 2020:

“There are some places along the way that I have crossed that bring back time. This is where we took him once when he was little … Damn, we had dinner there. I lived on that street when we first met … he lived in Magnolia. Flowers are sold where I always found them. I’ll find something along the way … I miss my departure because I feel like I didn’t blink for 10 minutes because my mind was spinning with a lot of flash. The harder I think about things, the harder it is to believe. Un-fu * King-believable, yet this is the reality. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

The worst part is arrival, as he writes:

“Turning to Forest Lawn Drive will always bring back memories of two summers ago. But I must be grateful for the memory of him and our son. “

He finished the gut-wrenching note:

“Hug your mom and grandma, and love them when you can. Forgive and forget, if you can. You may not want what you can do one day.”

So incredibly touching.

Read Ryan’s full post (below).

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/Instagram]

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