Heather Ray Young and Christina Hall “can’t stand each other,” the source spread

They can never be best friends.

They may not even be known far away.

But, due to a very public feud between reality stars a few days ago, Heather Ray Young and Christina Hall have now been exposed as real enemies.

Young and hacked

In photos obtained this past weekend in The Daily Mail, Young (who is currently married to Tarek El Musa) had to refrain from following Christina Hall (who was). Before Tareq marries El Musa) next to the next son playing football.

Christina and her third husband, Joshua Hall, were present at the six-year-old Braden’s sporting event when she and the young man exchanged words.

The Selling Sunset cast member was taken away before things got really ugly …

… just for the sake of a trainer then taking steps to stop Tareq from going to it with his ex-wife’s last husband.

Heather Rai Young and Tarek El Musa together

A day after the incident, Braden was hospitalized for an appendectomy.

Talk about a weekend, huh?!?

“Both couples are hoping to leave the incident behind,” a source told Our Weekly in the wake of the verbal altercation, Tarek and Christina – who had been married for nine years and co-hosted HGPTV’s Flip or Flop. Even after their divorce – “Really try to handle personal issues,” adding:

“It’s just been caught on camera and everyone is embarrassed by what happened.”

Christina and Tarek together

The thing is, a second insider told the same publication on Wednesday that Hall and Young have been at odds since the moment they met.

According to the US Weekly Mall, “there has been tension between Christina and Heather for some time now.” “They usually stay away from each other.”

It makes sense, right?

It is challenging for any ex-wife to reunite with her ex-husband’s new wife, and before you move on to the complications of adding young children to your picture.

Tarek and Heather Rai Young

“In the case of the kids, Christina usually talks to Tarek,” the insider continued.

“She admits to playing the role of an honest mother to Heather, but she has this animosity towards her … The whole football game has proved to everyone that [Christina and Heather] Don’t get along

“Quite frankly, they can’t stand each other.”

To their credit, however, the two women are trying their best to move forward from this conflict – and to learn from it.

Flip or flop family

A joint statement from all parties shared with People Magazine and other outlets this week said “a personal matter was discussed and then resolved.”

“We focus on co-parenting as a team moving forward.”

Christina, meanwhile, has other stressors to focus on right now.

Other pressing issues centered on one of her other children.

Christina Hack and Josh Hall

Late last week, her second husband, Ant Unstad, applied for the initial custody of the ex-couple’s two-year-old son, raising some harsh allegations against his ex-wife in the process.

In legal documents (obtained by TMZ), Anstead writes that Christina has spent an average of “9 full days per month” with Hudson over the past 20 months.

She has been accused of abusing her ex-child, sharing pictures of him on social media at various times to create a follow-up, and including Hudson in a paid promotional post.

The ant tells a judge to stop Christina from doing this in the future without her permission.

Ant and a son

“I am deeply saddened by what the ants are doing,” Christina wrote in response.

“If it’s really about Hudson, as he says, it should have been handled personally by a personal judge or arbitrator, as I and my attorney have suggested.”

“I have my ups and downs.

“But I am a good mother and I love my children with all my heart and I will always protect them.”

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