‘Her Guy’s Dead’: Bethany Frankel’s claim about Erica Jane Tom explodes

Quarrel in Erica Jane And Bethany Frankel Really intense!

Erica joined on Wednesday night Andy Cohen In his show Watch Live What Happens. Of course, she was asked to talk a little about her estranged husband Tom GirardyIts ongoing embezzlement scandal, which he claims he was unaware of until a lawsuit was filed against the couple after their divorce in 2020.

Now, Bethany has called BSK earlier, claiming her late boyfriend Dennis Shields Tom once said he owed him “half a million dollars” and the lawyer was using “human money” to support Erica’s life. So, if Dennis knew there was something, surely Erica did too? All right!?!?

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Attempts have been made to get to the bottom of the situation, which in some parts was also a matter of discussion The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 11 Reunion, Andy asks:

“It simply came to our notice then that Bethany had given me some information. He said, ‘I hear Tom actually pays people,’ and all these things. Have you ever heard of something like this? Because of my mind, I dismissed it with the rest because I was, well, again, he’s this guy. “

Erica was quick to clear up the rumors:

“It simply came to our notice then. So while that was true, there was a debt that really paid off. “

Things got a little weird then, though, when the reality star added:

“I don’t know where Bethany is coming from. Her man is dead, and my man is in a house, so whatever. But at the same time, that’s the way the business works.

Hersh AF !!

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Ch-ch- Watch the clip of the controversial interview for yourself (below).

As Perezius readers know, the 82-year-old lawyer was placed in a conservative position (controlled by his brother) last year because of his deteriorating health, including Alzheimer’s. He is currently in a “memory care facility”, according to his ex, who mentioned that he was simply continuing “denial.”

Dennis, on the other hand, died of an apparent overdose in August 2018. The 51-year-old was the father of four children and had a reunion. Skinny girl Founder for years. While Bethany had time to mourn her loss, the pain never really goes away, making a comment like Erica even more brutal.

And the audience had a lot to say about it, arguing:

“Two takeways. 1. So he knows what Tom does and how the money is made. 2. He sees nothing wrong with making shady comments about Bethany’s former death. Plus the way Andy was so upset about this comment is true for his character. “

“There was no reason for him to comment on her death.”

“Yeah, it’s hitting under the belt. But he doesn’t care. “

“It simply came to our notice then. I hope this is his last season on TV. “

To make matters worse, Bethany was scheduled to appear on the same talk show the next night!

Unfortunately, her episode was already taped before she became aware of Jane’s comments, but she didn’t mind fighting back on social media. Without mentioning the comment or mentioning Erica’s name, Frankel wrote it to his fans Twitter Thursday:

“Tonight’s episode of @BravoWWHL is taped so I won’t address the hurt, dissatisfaction and annoyance of you and Dennis’ children. I appreciate your loyalty, heart and compassion. “

Pretty good, TBH! Although we would love to get her feedback on the show. We know he had plenty of food!

How are you ?!

Did you find Erica Jab’s Denis as inappropriate as many? Bravo Did the fans?

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