How about Prince William’s kids Uncle Harry in the ongoing conflict between the Brothers!

Knowing how much tension there is in the middle Prince Harry And Prince WilliamYou will be surprised to know what kind of relationship his niece and nephew have with his younger brother!

As his separation from Harry’s family only gets deeper and deeper – especially later Queen Elizabeth II She and her family were barred from joining her on the verandah at her Platinum Jubilee – a new source opening up about her estranged royal relationship with her brother’s children! And, tbh, things sound a lot better than we expected!

According to talking to an insider Our weekly Thursday, William and Kate MiddletonIts kids Prince George8, Princess Charlotte7, and Prince Louis, 4, loves their uncle! And it doesn’t look like any family drama has negatively affected their relationship!

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Confidently the kids miss Harry “too much” Meghan Merkel They now live in the United States, adding:

“They like him too.”

The little girl, in particular, the 37-year-old who seems to be missing the most, continues the source:

“Charlotte will send thoughtful gifts and cards to everyone in the family, and at least they will call for a happy birthday as a family.”

That wasn’t clever enough, the 7-year-old also looks “too” Archwell Foundation Founder as a “her role model”. Aha !! Now we know William needs to bug a bit! The quarrel between the brothers has been going on for years!

Harry is not the only member of the family that Charlotte likes. She also has a soft spot for her grandfather, Prince CharlesAnd great grandma, queen!

“She is OK [Queen Elizabeth II] And his grandfather [Prince] Charles dotes on her in a big way. Like George and Lewis, they are very proud of the person he is developing. “

That’s beautiful!

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Though the source started talking about the children of the Duke of Cambridge, things took a somewhat shady turn. The whole royal family seems to believe that George, Charlotte and Louis, the only individuals of their generation (so far, at least) to have made the appropriate, internal remarks to carry on the royal inheritance in the future:

“It is extremely comforting for the senior members of the royal family that the future of the royal family is secure in the leadership of this next generation.

Uh, but what Archie3, and Lilibate, 1? We know they’re young, but William and Kate are raising their kids well and avoiding mentioning the other young men in the royal family – who are part of the same generation – who seem to be digging into Harry and Megan! We know they are no longer the official working members of the family, but still, their children will always carry that legacy. The palace seems to be holding a grudge.

Interestingly, despite a good relationship between Harry and his brother’s children, Archie and Lilibet are somewhat separated from the family due to their big steps and their young age. The Queen’s upcoming jubilee – which the whole family is ready to attend – will be a huge moment to connect with all of them. Hopefully security issues and family drama will not be interrupted here!

Feedback, fan reader? Is it surprising that William’s children think so affectionately about their uncle, despite the conflict between the brothers?

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