How Caitlin Jenner felt about not being invited to Courtney and Travis’ wedding!

Caitlin Jenner There are some Feelings About not being invited Courtney Kardashian And Travis BarkerLet’s get married!

If you miss it, the couple has revealed close sources TMZ Earlier this week, the 72-year-old Portofino was dropped from the guest list for the big day even though most of the other Kardashian-Jenners were present at the festivities. Although there is no bad blood between Caitlin and Cravis, insiders claim that it all came down to the fact that they were no longer around and that the pair just wanted a “very small and intimate ceremony”. In fact, Courtney and Caitlin “don’t look at each other or talk so much,” so Push It is learned that the founder did not feel the need to invite her to the family gathering.

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Sounds very reasonable to us! But how did he react to being snatched from the event by his honest daughter? According to Page six, A source in his team claimed that the former reality star was quite shocked not to be invited. The insider simply says:

“She’s shocked.”

Undoubtedly there has been a little bit of stinging, especially since she is married Chris Jenner For 22 years, during that time he helped raise Court and his sisters. We bet she actually expected an invitation even if it’s just a courtesy!

However, it is worth noting that since her and Chris’ breakup in 2014, Cait has apparently been away from most celebrities. During a press tour for his book Secrets of my life In 2017, Olympian revealed that he was not close to the Kardashians, explaining:

“I don’t talk to them anymore. Kim and I haven’t talked in over a year. They don’t want me in their life, they hurt me so badly. It’s devastating when your kids do it. It really hurt. I don’t know what the future holds. We’ll see. “

He then shared in November 2021 that his relationship with Momezar was “not as good as it should be,” adding:

“I hope it was close.”

It is true that in 2022 it seems that issues were raised in everyone, even he was excluded from a large part of the family. Hulu Agreement Cait claims that their relationship has improved in a recent episode Send complete Podcast:

“My relationship with the family, you know, is good. I mean, we do something together, my kids, this and that … Obviously, Kendall and Kylie, my flesh and blood, I’m very close to them. On the Kardashian side, I see them here and there, but I’m not really close. Kim is probably the closest. “

During the interview with Dr. ABC NewsChris even commented that they are “good” at the moment, revealing:

“We are friends. I see [Caitlyn] When he is in a family affair. It’s gone a long way. “

But just because her relationship with other Kardashians may be in a better place now, does not mean that Caitlin and Courtney have the same relationship as everyone else to spot a close family relationship. Although who knows! Courtney and Travis are reportedly having another party in Los Angeles to celebrate their wedding, so maybe that courtesy invitation will be sent then!

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