How Kim Kardashian supported BF Pete Davidson’s SNL send-off during the celebration

Kim Kardashian She may have been thousands of miles away from her man as she wrapped up the details of her long, deep night show experience, but she was still able to show him some love along the way!

Of course, as we are reporting, Pete Davidson Its an impressive ending Live Saturday night Run over the weekend, appearing in its finale (at least, as a regular cast!) At the conclusion of the 47th turn season of the iconic Late-Night TV show. And although Kim was busy with big family responsibilities, the sisters celebrated Courtney KardashianIts marriage Travis Barker In Portofino, Italy SKIMS The mogul still found himself in love with Pitt!

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Saturday, d KKW Beauty Biz Whois took him Instagram story Display some support for off Cute look Star when he was ready for his final Weekend update Introduce segments and other skits SNL. In her public announcement, Kim shared a collage of old Pitt photos of various deep night moments, including memorable news update spoofs. Colin Joast And Michael Che.

As you can see (below), Pitt looks adorable young in some shots, and we’re here to remember:

ইতালিতে ক্রাভিস উদযাপন করার সময় কিম কার্দাশিয়ান কীভাবে BF পিট ডেভিডসনের <i>SNL</i> Supported send-off! “Height =” 1512 “srcset =” -episode.jpg 1200w,×300.jpg 238w, https : //×1024.jpg 813w, wp-content / uploads / 2022/05 / kim-kardashian-showing-love-support-pete-davidson-final-snl-episode-768×968.jpg 768w “sizes =” (max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px “/ ><figcaption id=Kim has given us all a walk in memory lane with Pete’s ‘SNL’ experience! / (C) Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Ah! So touching and thoughtful, and a great memory to look back on!

And the “MAGA” hat with “Goodbye SNL” is plastered on top to boot – very creative of course! (And also a shot loving MAGA-hat Connie West?!)

Love it!

It just wasn’t SNL Support for King of Staten Island Star, though!

On Sunday, Kim returned to her world-famous IG account and posted a picture of her beautiful hot pink nails painted over the fabulous Cravis wedding weekend. As you can see (below), the reality TV veteran adds a “P” written in crystals on the nail of his right ring finger and makes a very subtle reference to her boyfriend:

Pushin ‘P, really !!

Honestly, it’s kind of funny, because Courtney’s ex-partner and the baby’s father Scott Disc He was donating his own “Pushin ‘P” power on Sunday, when the Italians were away from the wedding ceremony, as well as:

A sign? A secret message ?? Or just a coincidence ?! LOLz!

Aside from Lord Disk’s social media content, it’s very clear that Kim is behind Pete and we’re here for it!

Of course, Perezius readers will remember how the day before, a source said ET That Kim sees a “promising future” with the funny man. At the time, the insider said:

“Kim and Pete are doing great. She certainly expects a strong, healthy and promising future with him. She is very respectful of him and treats him like an absolute queen. She is completely fascinated by her beauty and talent. জিনিস Things between Kim and Pete are simple, non-stop and fun They are all around each other and Kim feels incredibly comfortable, safe and secure while she is with Pitt. “

No wonder he’s pushing the pike with that nail, then! She has a lot of love for this man !!

Feedback, fan reader ??

[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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