How much does the Italian wedding of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker cost ?!

Courtney Kardashian And Travis Barker This past weekend in Portofino, Italy, they left no stone unturned for their wedding!

Or, to put it more precisely, Dolls and Gabbana They raise no cost as a sponsor of luxury destination weddings! But whatever it is, the result is the same: this fantasy has cost a ton of money!

But … how much?

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And! News The cost of the wedding has an estimated breakdown, and it’s really an inneresting document! Understandably, the outlet guesses a lot about what things are Maybe Costs based on parallel services, market rates, Carzena’s pre-wedding expenses, and more. Obviously it does not take into account celebrity discounts, personal benefits, etc. So this is definitely not a proper budget. But with how much it can run You If you try to recreate their Italian wedding for yourself!

First up? Travel costs! E! A private jet costs about $ 880,000 for a family to get to Portofino – and about $ 25,000 more to go by water taxi Castello Brown Once there. The outlet estimates that the venue itself charged about $ 18,000 to book the event, as well as hotel rooms for the couple’s guests – including a “sea view and balcony or terrace,” dance – so go ahead and ring another 136,000.

Add meals – Total Wild Card, TBH – plus alcohol, catering, a canola station and wedding cake, and the cost goes up! The outlet estimates that the event featured approximately $ 130,000 worth of D&G-branded decorations and ফুল 136,000 worth of flowers, roughly parallel to the flower budget. People Previously estimated Kim KardashianIts 2014 marriage Connie West.

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Andrea BoseliThe cost of performing at a reception can range from “$ 500,000 to $ 749,000, per” Celebrity Talent InternationalWhen DJ Cassidy – Boselli who cut the hits after belting it – has billed another $ 50,000 (or more!) For his services.

Wardrobe, glam, wedding planner costs, court silk-less-and-setting dolls and gabbana wedding gowns, a wedding photographer and much more. In short, the outlet estimates that the “high end,” wedding costs about… drumroll.

3.5 million !!!

Holy s ** t!

Apparently, Dolce & Gabbana are involved, it is unclear what was paid for, WHO It was paid for, and what was forced. Yet, this wedding weekend was also extremely expensive by the Kardashian standard!

You can read the full budget breakdown here.

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