How Ryan Sext’s Penis Caused ‘Backstage Panic’ in American Idol Final –

Yes you are right! Everyone’s favorite host so don’t blame Anand, American IdolA bold decision was requested in the middle of the live season final.

In Monday’s episode Living with Kelly and RyanThe long-term host reveals something very observant Idol Viewers noticed a bit of a costume accident. Ryan Secrest He jokingly opened the incident to his co-host, Kelly RipaWhen he said:

“Apparently, America voted and said that the shot had an anatomy.”

That’s right, folks. You can see little Idol Host and we don’t mean Dunkelman. (We’re talking about his gender!)

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His jokes, however, do not mean that the problem is entirely intelligence and gossip. He acknowledged his discomfort, adding:

“It was a little embarrassing.”

As well as its fan viewers Idol Caught on Eggplant Elephants in the house, they took Twitter To express their views.

Check out some of their annoying reactions (below):

“Ah, sorry?” #American Idol “

“I think Secret has some ‘anatomy’ problem.”

“Trying to see #AmericanIdol and all I can see is the ad ** k print.”

“Change a costume at Ryan Secrest. Like now. ”

Don’t be afraid though! Ryan’s longtime stylist after the response Miles Sigins Came to the rescue. When he notices a commotion online, Sigins quickly warns the broadcaster about the matter. Ryan recalls:

“We go to the commercial and he says, ‘Can I tell you something? We need to change your underwear. ‘

Recalling her immediate reaction, the 47-year-old host responded:

“You mean we need to change my underwear?”

We can’t say that we blame him for the initial surprise. The last thing anyone wants to hear is change their underwear! Fortunately this was not the first or second reason anyone could think! Yes!

Ryan Sext American Idol Host Underwear Swap
(c) Instagram / Ryan Seacrest

During the commercial break, described as a “panic behind the scenes”, Announced over the radio The host came to the realization of a nightmare:

“I said, ‘Miles, I didn’t bring any extra underwear.'”

The stylist then did what any of us could do in such a horrible situation (okay, maybe not Any Us) And suggested a swap. You’ve heard of someone giving you a shirt off your back. It’s a little too close.

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Ryan recalls the strange offer to Kelly:

“Don’t worry, I got mine,” he said.

But the fun didn’t stop there, when he added:

“It was in the middle of a live show! We went into the background during the commercial and found a little corner and I literally took off my pants, my underwear and put it on. Something for that idol. It’s a family event!”

His co-host seemed to question the situation, he shared what he would have done in this situation:

“Change camera shots. ‘Crouch up!’ I would say, “You put that camera up here. I don’t wear Miles’ panties.”

Yes! Hey, yeah, why didn’t they think of it? Man, he’s a professional …

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Kelly also expressed his dissatisfaction with the tight-white version Whimsical FridaySaying:

“Women don’t do that. We don’t share panties. “

We have news for Kelly, men don’t do it either! This was obviously an emergency!

All in all, Ryan didn’t seem too upset about the situation, explaining that the wardrobe error wasn’t too much … diminishing. However, it seemed that Miles’ choice of underwear was not the most comfortable for the host. He candidly explained the discomfort in his next area:

“She is English, so she is short, tight. … They were tight, elastic underwear. “

Her explanation received a smile from Kelly, and she went on to tease him:

“Was it improved? Okay then I’d force them to stay!”

This is definitely a American Idol Last for the book! Or at least the underwear could be a drawer?

Watch the full story unveiling (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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