Hunger Games Alum Alexander Ludwig’s wife suffers third abortion – and reveals

Alexander Ludwig And his wife Lauren They are talking about their third abortion.

Earlier this month, Lauren became emotionally clear about the loss of her unfortunate pregnancy. Instagram With a photo of the couple kissing in a Post Hospital room, he began by addressing his uncertainty about sharing personal news:

“I have repeatedly asked if I would post anything on this subject but decided that we should all start talking more about the truth.”

In the end, she believed that sharing her truth was the best way to connect with others and remind people that they are not alone if they fight abortion.

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Hunger Games Other notable alum continue:

“সপ্তাহalexanderludwig and I had our 3rd abortion last week. I decided I wanted to share because I don’t think it’s a shame to talk about it. I want to help others understand how common abortion is and how embarrassing it is Going through this has made me realize, I am certainly not alone. It’s so common and yet, I don’t think it’s talked about enough. If we talked too much about these things, we would probably feel less alone and guilty. Information is power and I want to start sharing it further. “

Such an important message! Lorraine ends by sharing her update that she knows it, and her other two abortions “will be part of our story forever,” adding:

“My hope is that by sharing it, if not for some other reason, a person will read it that they are not alone.”

See his full post (below).

The Bad guys for life alum was quick to show support for his lady in the comments section, wrote:

“I am proud to call you my wife. You surprise me every day with your resilience and love for life. We got this baby. “

He re-shared his post on his own Instagram feed, telling his followers:

“This woman’s strength amazes me every time. I love you @LorendLudwig and through that your resilience is one of the countless reasons I love you. All obstacles throw our way in life, we got it and for someone else, you are not alone. It’s much more normal than I thought.

How beautiful!

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Many famous friends have commented to wish the couple well and express their condolences to the bereaved family. Jason Aldian Who shared:

“So sorry brother! [Brittany Kerr] And I went through a similar situation. Things will happen in time. You guys are going to be great parents and can’t wait to meet that kid that will undoubtedly be a blessing. You all stay there dude. Think of everyone “

Twilight Star Ashley Green Also chimed:

“It happens very often and is rarely talked about … You are incredibly brave to share it. Thank you for your weakness and your kindness. I am sending love to both of you.”

We commend them for opening up about their tragic loss. We can’t imagine how hard it was, but hopefully their courage will make more people feel alone in their own grief.

[Image via Lauren Ludwig/Instagram]

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