In a split report, Channy Jones expressed her love for Kanye West – so they did

Hold your horse! Love can still be in the air Connie West And Chaney Jones!

Hours after rumors of a breakup between the couple made headlines, the model took her away Instagram story To share a beautiful AF montage dedicated to her beauty to celebrate her 45th birthday on Wednesday! And it really feels like a slap in the face to those who thought they were broken!

The video shows a variety of slideshows of the couple’s most memorable moments. Many of the snapshots show lovers sitting on the courtside playing different basketball games There are also a few paparazzi photos and a few personal photos, like their first selfie together! Check it out here when it lasts!

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To make it even more romantic, it’s all set Show me love By Alicia Keys And Miguel – Especially the lyrics:

“Show me love. I warm the seconds, times and reasons for your love. It’s not for anyone but us. I always get wrapped up in you, baby, I’m in love. We’ll get this love.”

Not the season for anyone else ?? Hmmm. Could this be a shady reference to Kanye’s potential new woman?

As we reported earlier this week, rumors of a breakup began to spread after Channy deleted (or archived) all of her photos with the rapper on her Instagram feed. The Yay model who went on a movie date paired up with the subject Monica Korgan Seems like a split signal – and this has been confirmed by all sources TMZ Tuesday, though they couldn’t verify who they broke up with. Presumably, the problem in Yeezy The designer and Channy got up after their trip to Tokyo last month. A Page six Insiders explained that their relationship was “happy” when they returned, but added:

“You know how things are. They may be posted together again tomorrow. “

They were on the spot with that theory! So what does all this mean ?! Are they having problems? Did they break up at all?

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It’s hard to know what’s up, but The first state is behavioral health The COO is certainly trying to send a clear signal that he is still the other half of the musician. When Kim Kardashian LookLike didn’t directly address the breakup rumors, his caption with the B-Day video seems to have blown up some of the speculation in reality. Not to mention that this over-favorite post can’t be a coincidence, right ?? He concluded:

“Happy birthday honey. I love you wow.”

Soo, of course it doesn’t mean they’re broken, do they? Or is he trying to hold on to a love that may already be a step out of the door? What do you think, Perezcious reader? Sound off (below)!

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