In front of Prince Harry and Prince William ‘back on condition of their old friend’

It seemed Prince Harry And Prince William Things are done just in time!

As you know, the royal brothers have not had a good relationship since the Duke of Sussex decided with his wife. Meghan Merkel To relinquish their role as senior royal members and then explode the family in an explosive interview Oprah Winfrey Last year. But now, the two are reportedly trying their best to repair their cracks to give to their grandmother Queen Elizabeth A drama-free weekend when they celebrate him Platinum Jubilee.

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According to MirrorHarry and William exchanged messages WhatsApp And FaceTime To each other regularly. – And it seems to be working well for their relationship! Although the Duke of Cambridge was upset about everything, he just wanted to move on and took the first step to arrive before the celebrations began. Internally explained:

“The brothers needed time to fix everything. The family, including William, were disappointed with the way Harry and Meghan decided to leave the royal family. But now there is a strong feeling that what happened is in the past and they have moved on. “

In fact, the source noted that the siblings came back a lot on the condition of their old friends, “all thanks to each other for” weekly “chats and sometimes even to their kids. Internally enough, though, the outlet mentioned it.” Kate Middleton And Meghan has “refrained from onscreen communication” for the time being to give her husbands some space to reconnect. The source said:

“They also made facetime calls with their children, which allowed them to reunite. Looks like the two of them have healed cracks and come back a lot on the condition of their old friend. William sees Meghan as a good mother and loyal wife and she is truly happy for her brother. “

Of course, this would be great news for the Queen, who wants everything to be free of tension as she plans to welcome Meghan and Harry to the UK for the festival with their two children, Archie And Lilibate. Well, for the most part, at least! Sussex (and Prince Andrew As well as) for the opening event, Trooping the Color was forbidden to join the working members of the royal family on the porch. Still, he seems to be hoping that everyone will keep the peace and start anew for his big day on the 70th anniversary of his accession to the throne. As the source says:

“The queen wanted a new beginning for the Jubilee brothers. Harry is waiting to come home and show his family. It’s home and he missed it. “

We all need to keep an eye on how the royalty will be with us next weekend! Feedback, fan reader? Do you think Harry and William are really trying to put the past behind them? Drop your acceptance in the comments (below)!

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