In the video of Ezra Miller’s arrest, the actor interacts strangely with the police, claiming

Ezra Miller In their latest arrest in Hawaii, dealing with police officers seemed aggressive and erratic, and now, body cam footage of police responding to the scene has been released.

As we have reported, its the star Flash He was arrested by police on Big Island last month on suspicion of disorderly conduct. Now, police footage from that incident has been released to the public, and the actor has been seen restlessly interacting with officers.

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At one point, the 29-year-old movie star was seen leaving a bar to talk to police officers outside. Once outside, Ezra – who was filming the incident with his cell phone camera and turned on its bright flashlight – began asking police for their names and badge numbers.

As Miller repeatedly asked multiple police officers about their badge numbers, the Hollywood star also answered an officer who asked why they were filming. Oddly enough, Ezra – who claimed to have led the attack in this interaction with the police – said in response:

“I film myself when I’m offended by NFT crypto art.”

Ah right.

According to TMZThe bar’s sponsor, who called Ezra at the time of the incident, told police he was playing darts and was “thinking of his own business” when the actor came in and spat on him. After a while, while Ezra is in handcuffs, the star finally realizes that they have been arrested – but they continue to claim that they were actually attacked in a bizarre incident.

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Later in the body cam footage, Ezra’s demands were further heightened, and they claimed that their alleged assailant had declared himself a Nazi. As police detain Ezra and put his personal belongings in a bag to take him to the station, the actor further claims that an officer touched their penis illegally. After the officer refuses to do so, Ezra insists that since they are non-binary, they want No. Will be searched by a male officer.

Throughout the video, Miller rents to the police about their Fourth Amendment and Ninth Amendment rights as part of the U.S. Constitution.

You can see the recently released body cam footage for yourself here.

Apparently, it was a very turbulent month for Miller in Hawaii, with several high-profile legal run-ins as part of an exciting time in island paradise.

We just hope they get the emotional and emotional support they need during these challenging times.

[Image via Hawaii Police Department/WENN/Avalon]

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