Inside Eiza González and Jason Momoa’s Emerging Relationship!

Jason Momoa And Ija GonzalezRelationships are off to a strong start, but how serious are they ?!

A source is now opening up about the new couple, saying People All about how Ambulance There are feelings about the actress Aquaman Just a few days after the news confirmed that the two are dating! According to insiders, he really “likes [Momoa’s] Attention and calm-back vibes. “Cute! Who can resist that ?!

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Just because they’re feeling each other doesn’t mean they’re still so serious. In fact, this whole romance is in its infancy, focusing on Eza “having fun” and romantically (at least for now), confidently adding:

“Although she is not necessarily looking for a boyfriend. He’s joking, but he’s also very busy with his career. “

Multiple sources have confirmed that this came just days after the actors liked each other. As Perezius readers know, the 42-year-old broke up with his 20-year-old partner, Lisa Bonnet, In January, after that heartbreaking breakup it made its first relationship An insider says Jason doesn’t seem to have a problem focusing on Gonzalez’s career considering doing the same. People Saturday:

“They are dating. She cares about him. He’s in a great place, working Fast X.

Another source added:

“They are both busy but having fun together. It’s not serious yet. “

It’s not clear when they started dating, but Jason was present at the premiere of the 32-year-old movie Ambulance Last month. Interestingly, he was actually caught on the red carpet denying rumors of another completely different relationship!

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The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes Vanity FairOf 2022 Oscars After the party in March, during which they were photographed relaxing with the leading person Kate Beckinsale. She was even wearing her jacket! As expected, the internet went crazy for the prospective couple, but soon after, the couple’s father said Extra:

“It was Cray. Like everyone, ‘Are you dating?’ No, no, it was heroism, the woman was cold. She was very beautiful, I was very beautiful, just a gentleman.… Now, I’m not giving my coat to anyone. “

Huh! Going to the event makes it even more understandable why she would be so adamant to stop these rumors – she didn’t want the leading lady to get the wrong idea! LOLz!

It’s nice to know that things are going well between the two of them! Think, fan reader? Are you shipping this couple ?? Let us know (below)!

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