Inside, Prince Andrew’s daily meets Queen Elizabeth and he tries to ‘make’ her.

It appears Prince Andrew Trying to conquer his path with the good grace of his mother!

The insult is said to have been made royal Daily Visit to see Queen Elizabeth II After her sexual abuse scandal. Sources have said that he spoke to her Mirror On Monday, the Duke of York regularly arrives at Windsor Castle for a pre-lunch visit with the Queen Mother. An insider told the outlet:

“Andrew is trying his best to rectify the embarrassment he brought to his family for being involved in such a scandal.”

While it’s not clear what the pair are doing or talking during their daily reunion, it’s clear that Andrew’s goal is to prove that he can be of use to the family – but to do so, he must bring back his glory.

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He usually stops to see his mother before going out for the day on horseback. Sometimes, he would even join her for dinner! So they’re having a lot of quality time together these days – with reports that he’s determined to return to public life, not to mention these visits. Correcting with the Queen will send a strong signal as she will be resurrected further.

The source explained:

“He wants to make it to the Queen so he’s trying his best to see her.”

“Yeah, that Andrew is very thoughtful. It forces you to forget all about sexual misconduct justice, doesn’t it?” “Pretty much.”

Of course, although he may be able to give the 96-year-old another chance – being his favorite baby boy – it will be very difficult to impress the rest of the royal family. Continue confident:

“The rest of the family, with the exception of the Maharaja, is united in the feeling that he should be out of the limelight and remain silent, leaving such a mark on the family.”

Alas! Strict but not surprising that he was involved in a sexual assault case. As Perezius readers know, he settled a case brought by only one person Jeffrey EpsteinMany victims, Geoffrey of Virginia, Who has claimed for years that he was trafficked to Andrew, who had sex with him when he was just 17 years old. Although he has denied any wrongdoing, he is reported to have settled for 12 million. During an emotional showdown with the Queen, he was stripped of his title and honor, and was barred from joining her on the porch. Platinum Jubilee Next month. So the fact that he wants to go back to public life – and believe that the queen can do it – is a bit shocking!

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The source said about the 62-year-old:

“Although he was obviously hurt when he was thrown aside for the jubilee celebration, he was extremely chipped late in the day and while showing the family that he was still doing some work, the whole intention was to stay close at hand for his mother.”

Speaking of which, it looks like he’s trying to prove something to another expelled family member! Andrew was clearly “deeply hurt” Prince HarryHis remarks about the royal family during his immediate visit last month. At the time, the Duke of Sussex said he wanted to make sure the “right people” were around his grandmother. I think Andrew is thinking She One of those right people ?! Or maybe he’s just trying to take action and take advantage – sorry, and Support When his mother Harry continues to cause chaos for the royal family? It’s a way for people to try to forget their own problems – go back to focusing on someone else!

Excluding all this, the source revealed that these visits should not be so surprising that they will always be family:

“Andrew visits the Queen regularly, but she’s his mother.”

The Queen certainly draws some lines in the sand when it comes to Andrew’s public position in the family, but she also personally demonstrates her loyalty to him. It will be interesting to see if they communicate at all during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee event. What do you think of it, Perezcious reader ?? Sound off (below)!

[Image via BBC News/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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