Inside Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel’s ‘sure and casual’ first birthday party

Lilliput Mountbatten-Windsor Fashion celebrates its first birthday!

Prince Harry And Meghan MerkelHer daughter may have received a lot of virtual greetings from members of the royal family on her big day on Saturday Queen Elizabeth II And Prince William And Kate MiddletonBut she was able to enjoy a fun, family-filled day, meeting many of her relatives for the first time!

Details of Lillibet’s birthday party are now coming out, and it looks like it was a beautiful gathering for Harry and Meghan to reconnect with when they move to California in 2020. The sunProud parents hosted an informal garden party Windsor CastleOf Frogmore CottageComplete with picnic-style snacks, a birthday cake, balloons and games for kids to play with.

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Unfortunately, the guest list did not include William and Kate’s family as they were away to help prepare for a concert in Wales. Cardiff Castle During the King’s Platinum Jubilee, many other members of the royal family were expected to join the party. Corrosion And Mike TyndaleIts kids Mia8, Lena3, and Lucas1, as stated there. Peter Phillips And his ex-wife Autumn KellyIts kids Savannah11, and Isla, 10, going to make a look as well! Archie’s godfather Charlie Van Straubengee And his brother Tom Van Straubengee, Princess CharlotteIts godfather was also planning to join. Those who attended the party met with a “relaxed and casual” Shindig, described a source festival, shared:

“It was a beautiful work and everything you would expect from a child’s birthday party. But there was no formal entertainment. The idea was that it would be very comfortable and casual, where people could pop in and out as they wished.”

Just as the Queen was asked to meet her name for the first time, the party proved to be a great opportunity for other members of the family to meet Lillibet:

“It was a wonderful opportunity for other royal children to meet Lillibet for the first time.”

So beautiful for them! And we’re sure Archie had a great time reconnecting with everyone!

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Looks like the little girl was ruined with lots of B-Day gifts, including a classic Volkswagen BeetleInternal added:

“And as his first birthday is a milestone, there has been a lot of talk about the gift that will be given to him that day. One idea that turned out to be very popular was a £ 75 pink Volkswagen Beetle ride-on toy, which was spotted on the Selfridge. “

Fun! Riding in style as a 1 year old! Sounds like it was a great celebration for the little girl! Too bad William and Kate couldn’t do it … thought? Let us know what you think (below)!

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