Is Chrysal Stouse receiving the ‘Bundle of Joy’ with G Flip? He says …

Exactly a few days later Chrysal Stage And G flip Confirmed their relationship Sell ​​the sunset Reunion last week, the real estate agent is back with some hilarious news! Comedian Dr. Monday Grace Kuhlensmidt Apparently posted a Photoshop article from Yahoo! Entertainment About how the new couple adopted him.

The headlines read:

Sell ​​the sunsetIts Chrysal Strauss [sic] And adopts adult lesbian daughters from non-binary Australian drummer G-Flip Facebook Marketplace

LOLz! What ?!

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Went to explain the fake article:

“Hot Off Season 5’s Netflix ‘s hit real estate documentaries, says Crishel Yahoo! ‘I’m used to selling the house, but I’ve never bought a baby before, and this adult was only 36.’

The post goes on to say that the drummer, who uses his / her pronoun, was “seen with a sign that says ‘for the baby’, probably indicating the couple has just reached 200 pounds of lesbian.” Despite the fact that the post was explicitly made, Crishel joked on her Instagram story and decided to respond to it as real:

“We are very excited, thank you very much X.”

Then in the comments section of Grace’s post, the reality star also mentions her ex Jason OppenheimTeasing:

“Jason is pounding in the air. Thank you for all your good wishes for our bundle of joy. “

Oops. Poor Jason!

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Grace then apologized to her new mom for spelling her last name in the original post:

“I love you mom sorry I still don’t know how to spell your last name.”

But Chrysal didn’t pay attention, saying sweetly:

“All right, sweetie. All in time. For now, you can just call me mom. “

G-Flip then chimes in, adding:

“Okay honey …… I can’t even spell mom’s name. We’ll work on the spell after we practice the drums for 37 hours.”

Huh !! Chee-chee check out the hilarious exchange (below)!

Surprisingly, some fans actually believed that the adoption story was real so to clear the air, the 40-year-old Netflix personality added a claim on his Instagram, explaining:

“[The] The amount of people commenting and replying doesn’t realize that this is a joke. Sooo tempting to post some answers. I’m happy and can take a joke! This comedian made me smile with his post. But no friends, we did not adopt an adult for $ 36 in the Facebook Marketplace. Ha ha ha “

Is Chrysal Stouse receiving the 'Bundle of Joy' with G Flip?  He says ...
(c) Chrysal Stooges / Instagram

Oh my God!

Does he have to think about it ?! People nowadays fall for anything online! Feedback, fan reader?

[Image via Chrishell Stause/Instagram]

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