Is Shanna Mokler getting shady again after playing well with Cravis for this?

In this again.

Shanna Moaklar Acceptance Instagram To release a new selfie for her fans on Sunday. But the former Playboy The model did not just show her beautiful face! He also used the IG opening to drop a flashy line that many now interpret as a possible direct call-out. Courtney KardashianShanna’s love affair with her ex-husband Travis Barker!

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The 47-year-old model posted a sexy selfie with an apparent half-smile on the tail-end of the weekend, and stared at the photo with lined lips and eyes, long lashes and shiny eyeshadow. But that’s what he wrote along With Pictures that really draw some attention!

The mother of three says (below):

“A b ** ch literally has to iron my skin to put pressure on me.”

Oops! Really?!?! Is the court dressing your skin now, or what, Shanna ?? That’s what I’m asking! Yes !!

Ch-ch-Check out Moakler’s new snap (below):

Beautiful! And the potential is quite shady!

Below the comments, dozens of IG users immediately highlighted the controversial-accused caption:

“Shadow but I feel like he does [sic] Lots !!! “

“Hotter than his new wife”

“Caption Queen”

“So beautiful, Courtney can’t hold a candle to you.”

That last one… aha! Why such a comparison ?! But to be honest, not everyone felt the Kravis connection! Some IG users were a little skeptical about whether it had anything to do with it Blink-182 Drummer and his new wife at all:

“Why does everyone think this is about Travis? Why can’t a person have any problems in their life other than their ex-husband 15 years ago?”

“I do not understand this caption. Besides, why is PPL thinking that he is shadowing his ex or Courtney ?? “

“PPL has to give up trying to start drama when there is nothing.”

TBH, that’s fair! Shanna could certainly speak of another situation. But he must be giving someone a shadow! LOLz!

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Although the Rhode Island native did not reveal who or what his latest IG post was about, he went to his IG store on Sunday to give another little nugget of knowledge. And this one decision was more optimistic!

Ch-ch- Check out Shanna’s “The Magic of Introduction” (below)!

After playing well with Cravis for a while, is Shanna Mokla becoming a shadow again ??
Definitely not shady with this post, now, what is she?! / (C) Shanna Moklar / Instagram


Could this message be more directed at something related to her on-again, off-again boyfriend in her life? Matthew Rondeau?? Maybe he’s looking for a fresh start with someone else so he no longer has to focus on Rondo’s “communal d ** k” ?! Thinking!

What would you do with Shanna’s shadowy message, fan reader ?? There are definitely some sassy attitudes out there. But is it directed at Cravis ?! Or not ??

Sound off (below) with your take down in the comments.

[Image via Travis Barker/Shanna Moakler/Instagram]

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