Is this happening ?! Rihanna is reportedly hiring a photographer for her ‘upcoming’ wedding

Hold on! Is Rihanna Actually Marriage A $ AP Rocky!?

Earlier this month, the rapper released a brand new music video for his song DMB Which features a fictitious marriage with his pregnant girlfriend. It immediately sparked rumors of an engagement, but sources quickly dismissed the speculation… so far?

A new insider has revealed some shocking and incredibly exciting news (if true) !! I’m talking The sun On Thursday, a source claimed that the musicians are preparing to tie the knot quickly – and there could be a show, well, soon!

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According to Confidence, the pregnant 34-year-old has already hired her favorite photographers for the big day, they shared:

“Rihanna has already spoken to photographers whom she considers her close friends to capture the magical moments of her marriage with A $ AP.”

Looks like he could even walk down the corridor Before She welcomes her first child with Rocky! She is currently in her third trimester, but sources insist that a wedding will take place sooner than later, continuing:

“It simply came to our notice then. He is holding his cards close to his chest, but it will be short and very romantic. “

She is also taking after another iconic couple for wedding inspirations, the source teased:

“A lot like his ‘family’ Beyonc And J-ZThey will do it quietly and people will probably hear about it later. “

If this couple’s fake marriage was enough to send the internet into a jolt, we can’t imagine what their real marriage would be like! Does this mean that the music video was really a way to signal the next step in their relationship? It’s pretty epic, if so!

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Last Thursday, the 33-year-old singer released his new single DMB (Aka DAT $ MAH B! * $ H) According to a press release, Rihanna was heavily featured in the visuals because they portrayed an on-screen couple as “true ride-or-die characters in a dedicated relationship despite their circumstances”.

The most notable moment in the video occurred about halfway through when Riri appeared in a red dress and veil. A $ AP removed the veil and then smiled, revealing gold grills on his teeth that read:

“Will you marry me?”

Rihanna then smiled back, and her teeth said:

“I do”

Later, the couple felt like a wedding party when friends threw flowers at them. Ch-ch- Check it out!

Viewers later panicked at the mix of excitement and perfect confusion on social media, saying:

“Wait a second. Are Rihanna and Rocky engaged or married?”

“A $ AP Rocky and Rihanna are engaged? !!!!! Omag … and he suggested to the grill that the scene was so beautiful !!”

“Wait a minute … is Rihanna and A-Rocky going to get married?”

The whole thing was scripted, of course, but we won’t go overboard with the artists in this creative way to annoy them! So far, both of them have kept their mouths shut about the rumors, who knows. Is Rihanna really getting ready for marriage ?! What do you think, fan reader ?? Sound off (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & A$AP Rocky/YouTube]

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