Jack Rolf poses with three kids for the first time, looking positively happy

Jack Rolf turned 32 on Tuesday, May 10.

But The Little People, the Big World star was given the best possible gift just a week ago … when her third child entered the universe.

“Welcome to the world, sweet Josiah Luke!” Zach and his wife, Tori, posted a video of their newborn son sleeping on Instagram several days ago, adding at the time:

“You came early and surprised us all, but the wait seemed like a lifetime!”

Jack Rolf and 3 kids

To celebrate her husband’s next year, meanwhile, Tory posted the above snapshot on social media, marking, we believe, the first time Zach posed in a frame with three children.

The veteran reality star and his wife are the parents of a son named Jackson and a daughter named Lila.

For Josiah?

He was born at 9:02 a.m. on April 30, measuring 19.5 inches at birth and weighing seven pounds / six ounces.

Zach and Tory Rolf and son

“Happy birthday to my favorite person on the planet,” Tory wrote on Instagram yesterday.

“I love you so much Zachary, and love that I can live with you.

“I hope you feel loved by us (your family) and everyone else today!

“Thank you for being the best husband, dad and friend! Now let’s talk about spaghetti and cake!”

This Rolls!

Yam! Spaghetti and cake!

Zach and Tori will return to the small screen spotlight on May 17 when Little People, Big World will start a new season.

A glimpse of the premiere has teased that a major focus of the TLC hit this spring will be Zach’s attempt to buy a family farm from his father Matt.

“When Zach and I finally sat down, we were in really different camps. There could be any kind of deal,” Matt said in a confession at the upcoming premiere courtesy of this sneak peek.

“Zach was really hot. He did not come to the discussion. He has come to demand. “

In an episode of Jack Rolf

For his part?

Zach blames Matt for breaking the farm contract.

“He’s looking for a situation that he can control,” Zach explained in this same footage of the same episode. “You are not referring to the terms here. You have given too many instructions for so many days. “

It’s not like Zach is expressing such frustration in the air, especially when it comes to a loved one.

Tori and Zach Roloff poster

On Mother’s Day, meanwhile, Tori Josiah opened up about the birth journey with Luke.

“You can see the best moments on Instagram,” he wrote at the time.

“In the beginning the recovery was so intense. The hospital was a real nightmare (not because of the hospital, but because of the incident) and I am grateful for all the help we have received.

“Everyone keeps telling me how hard Section C # 3 is … they’re right. I don’t remember the pain!

Tori Rolf on Mother's Day

Tori added, emphasizing that he Is Grateful for this latest pregnancy and third third son:

“My pain was so bad we called about 911 at home the first night. Fortunately I was able to keep track with medication after that …

“Thanks Josiah is the real easiest kid.

“He was very calm and calm with what we did last week.”

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