Jada Pinkett Smith finally addresses Smith’s Oscar slap … at the red table

It’s a lot to see Jada Pinkett Smith Finally ready to deal with this downfall this year Oscar In Will Smith And Chris Rock.

More than two months after the slap was heard around the world, the 50-year-old actress took a moment to start her latest episode. Red table talk, Which initially focused on the effects of the autoimmune disorder alopecia in human life, (in short) to talk about the controversy. It is understandable that his alopecia was at the center of it all – because Chris’s really lame joke about his baldness stopped Will.

So what does Jada have to say? With her co-hosts, daughter Will also Smith And mother Adrian Banfield-Norris Beside him, he said on Wednesday:

“Considering what I’ve done with my own health and what happened at the Oscars, thousands have come to me with their stories. I am using this moment to give our alopecia family a chance to talk about this condition and to let people know what alopecia is. ”

But when will the Oscars come down? Zadar had a message of peace, revealing to viewers that he finally hopes Will and Chris will be able to put it in the past one day:

“Now, about the night of the Oscars, my deepest hope is that these two intelligent, capable men have the opportunity to heal, to talk and to reunite. In today’s world, we need both of them. So far, Will and I have been doing what we’ve been doing for the last 28 years, and holding on to this thing called life together. “

As Perezius readers will think, Chris Zadar mocked the shaved head, jokingly saying that he was ready for it. GI Gen2 – A joke so old it could drink legally. Almond Professor The star was vocal about the pain caused by her hair falling out – so surprisingly, the digging didn’t go well. Will tried to smile, but seeing Jada’s face, something fell. The 53-year-old nominee walked onto the stage and hit Chris across the face.

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Following the scandal, Will apologized for the violence and resigned from the academy. He was then banned from participating in the award show for the next 10 years. And while Jada has remained mostly silent since the slap, posted a quote Instagram At one point it was the “season of healing”, with many celebrities not shying away from expressing their views on the attack – from anger to support.

Although the whole Red table talk It wasn’t about the Oscars, it was about the joke that the conversation seemed to be designed to reshape what it started. After a more direct mention of The Slap, the episode focuses on the guest Tell Nicky Whose 12-year-old daughter Rio Allrad He committed suicide after being repeatedly harassed about his alopecia.

Nicki explains the impact of the Oscars on the Alopecia community. He recalled how the situation began to be discussed more than ever, noting how it created a “discussion” within the community:

“Not even two weeks later, the Oscars are on and I’m right, what’s the universe doing now? It’s crazy. People will be googling ‘What is alopecia? Have we never heard of it?’ It’s not a joke, the Alopecia community was already a fuss. We’ve heard it from a lot of people. I don’t understand how big and amazing the community is. “

The emotional mother added:

“If I could find them [Rio] They would rather come to his funeral and talk. ”

So heartbreaking. Jada then tearfully thanked Nikki for sharing her story, noting how much it inspired her, especially after the Oscars:

“Rio’s story has been a real inspiration to me through these difficult times. When I heard his story, it touched me deeply. I think the Alopecia community is such a beautiful, amazing tribe that I am part of such a beautiful tribe. And I think I have this family that is a part of beautiful Rio. Thank you again for your courage and strength and for sharing her light, her story, your family story, because it helps educate us all. Thank you very much. ”

We can’t imagine how difficult this discussion was. And hopefully, it sheds light on how harmful and frightening it can be to make fun of someone with an autoimmune disorder like alopecia. You can watch the full conversation with Nikki (below):

Now that Jada has said more about the Oscar slap, we’ll see if he plans to bring Will to the table soon to dive into the whole situation. What did he think? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Red Table Talk/Facebook,The Telegraph/YouTube ]

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