Jamie Spears must refrain from testifying and answer for what she has done,

Even when Britney Spears still condemned that terrible protection, Jamie Spears feared being fired.

Testimony of any kind means that you must either tell the truth or give false testimony, with few exceptions.

It has been clear for months that Jamie does not want to answer questions about Britney’s actions during her preservation – not under oath.

But enough is enough. Brittany wants her father to sit down for a long time to testify.

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Matthew Rosengart, Britney Spears ‘attorney, effectively says Jamie Spears’ bluff.

Jamie was paralyzed for a while, insisting he would sit down for a statement … provided it was held in Kentwood, Louisiana.

Rosengart said he would gladly fly for a statement.

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TMZ I saw legal documents where Rosengart noted that Jamie had been avoiding testimony for more than five months.

He does not believe that this run-of-the-mill is out of reluctance.

Rosengart believes he can prove that Jamie’s conservatism was corrupt and unjust.

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Rosengart wrote that he could establish that Jamie “carried out a corrupt and controversial conservatism that deprived his daughter of certain fundamental freedoms.”

Jamie has raised more than 3 6.3 million through the Conservatives, which has paid off for Brittany.

Brittany is a millionaire poorer in terms of money given to others – in some cases, Jamie has paid entirely out of her own will against her will.

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Rosengert did not stop there, noting that Jamie’s cruelty did not end when conservatism disappeared.

Jamie “continues to harass and intimidate Britney Spears.”

He noted that he did this “among other things, failing to cooperate with his discovery.”

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“And,” continued Rosengart, “actually noticing his daughter’s statement.”

The documents note that Jamie does this “even when he is hiding from answering the necessary questions regarding the statement.”

As we reported earlier, Jamie wants to drag Britney to speak under oath so that she can challenge her allegations … as if she hasn’t already done enough.

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Rosengart is happy to fly to Kentwood to call Jamie Bluff for a long-avoided statement.

But he knows that Brittany’s disrespectful father can easily move the goalpost by traveling elsewhere.

With that in mind, Rosengart is proposing to travel to any city necessary to oust Jamie.

Brittany is on vacation

Second only to her basic human rights – which have been taken away from her over the years – Britney’s meaning is a major concern.

Jamie was entitled to a salary from his fortune … he cut a check through a saver which he executed.

He was also paid a fee each year, which he could use to pay for Brittany, to run the very conservatism that gave him the power to control his money and life.

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Jamie has long insisted that every percentage is calculated, but one should not imagine that he is pocketing extra money to see the obvious possibility of abuse.

From paying Britney to the public for its objections – an already established fact – to the possibility of kickbacks and benefits on investment, the whole setup is a recipe for injustice.

Rosengart wants to go deeper.

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And then there are the potential criminal issues surrounding Britney’s surveillance, from tapping her phone to spying on her in her bedroom.

These allegations are a horrible one. If proven, Jamie is expected to face criminal charges.

One can see why he is trying to avoid being fired at any cost, but it is impossible to sympathize with the man who kept Brittany through hell for the rest of his life.

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