Jana Duggar flashes barefoot, according to thousands of potential “cheats”

Despite being an adult woman who runs her own successful business, Jana Dugar is not an “adult” in Jim Bobb’s eyes.

According to religion, church and family doctrines, Jana remains part of Jim Bob’s family until she marries the man of her choice.

Some of her sisters have been allowed to “break” Jim Bob’s strict rules because their new husbands allow it.

But when reporting This On many fronts, one has to wonder if the extreme dugar lifestyle is finally coming to terms with the seams.

Jana Duggar barefoot through IG Emily Ann Raines

Jana Dugar is prudent about what she actually posts on social media.

(Some fans still guess how much control he actually has over the account, but not here or there)

She sometimes pops up on other people’s pages, which happens after she attends a friend’s wedding.

Jana Duggar spreads tea

Jana wore a light blue dress under a tan jacket.

While the jacket keeps her arms away from being naked to the world, the dress only comes below her knees.

When sitting down, it falls on her knees, with her legs tied far more than anyone is accustomed to seeing from Duggar’s daughter – especially those who are still at home.

Jana Duggar Goj is blonde

The photo has been shared on Jana’s friend Emily Ann Raines’ Instagram story.

John’s brother-in-law, Hannah Duggar, is also in the picture, wearing a more strictly modest dress of the same color.

And John’s brother Jeremiah was also present for this exciting barrage of John’s knee.

Jana Duggar in Waco Magnolia

Obviously, the knee is just a joint. They are not sex, they are not illegitimate, and if we are honest, most of them are deeply ugly.

They are one of the first parts of their body that people begin to hate as they enter their thirties and forties and rarely serve if they have a direct role in sex.

However, for Jana to flash on her camera, in public and in front of her brother … fans must not have ignored it. How could they?

Jana Duggar wearing a mask

From the Duggar family’s ominous debut on reality television, the dress code attracted almost as much attention as the children’s ever-expanding child.

Part of the issue is the irrational (and overly sexist) rules themselves.

When men were employed in awkward dad jeans and unprepared shirts, women had more rules – in their hairstyles, makeup, pants, shirts and much more.

Duggar known with flowers

Part of that was always showing off the skin or avoiding their body contours.

This does not only mean cleavage or crop tops or camelto or leggings, but also very ordinary clothing – such as shorts.

It was forbidden for a duggar girl to bare her arms or legs more than a few inches … at least, it was.

Jana Duggar with Michelle Dugar in September 2020

Even more striking than the rule was the sick, crooked argument behind it, as Michelle explained all those years ago.

If one sees Jana’s feet and desires her physically, Jana, according to her fundamentalist beliefs, will not be allowed to work on it – even if she wants to.

Because she didn’t marry the one she saw Satan’s accompanimentCult logic says that he tempted her to ask for something he could not afford – and thus “deceived” her.

Jana wears pants in Las Vegas

This distorted thinking has defined much of the life of the Duggar family, and is associated with a culture of rape, abuse, and more.

(Josh is not the only sex victim in their religion – he’s just the most famous one caught)

Jana may be so old that her parents are having a hard time preventing her from “cheating” pedestrians. Or maybe they have something bigger to think about these days.

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