Jana Kramer’s ex Ian Shinley slams the country singer after an emotional split: ‘I tried

Ian Shinley Confirming the side of the breakup story with him Jana Kramer Familiar – and he is not backward.

Of course, the former Navy seals Divided from One tree hill Alum returns in April after dating for about six months. And while Kramer was open about the aftermath of that breakup because he tended to stick with most things in his personal life, Shinley was thus more reserved about the split.

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That all changed drastically on Tuesday, when he decided to speak publicly about his move to stay well with Michigan locals.

Speaking frankly Our weekly About it, Shinley (below):

“I tried to keep quiet. I didn’t want to be known. I admire who he was and this is his world and I respect it and where I wanted to be. … I walked away from him. There were some things that were not good for me. I have talked to some people and realized that she has a very strong, anxious attachment and that it could be part of her ex, which is okay, it was going on for the whole relationship. “

Annoyed at the abrupt and “toxic” end to their relationship, Shinley added:

“I got to a breaking point where I couldn’t handle it because I tried – I really did. I really cared about it, and I still do, but it got to a point where I had to leave. Its symptoms and toxicity. Like, I literally cut off my life to make your life as easy as possible. I wanted nothing more than to go to the gym.… I will try to do as much as possible around the house. “

Of course, the history of Jana’s relationship – especially with her ex-husband, Mike Cosin – Well documented. But even though he seems to be in a better place after being split from before NFL The player, towards the Shinley outlet, “asks for a difference”.

Ex-boyfriend explains:

“I am not trying to hurt him. I just want him to stop saying that he is healing or that he is trying to help other people who have trauma or, you know, he is happy alone. She doesn’t. He has anxious attachments. And unless he is actually happy alone, he will never be happy. … Michigan Jana is pretty. It’s a different story known in Hollywood. “


That ends up quoting a definite meaning, at least from all of these new claims. Jeez !!

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Specifically, Shinley made a few complaints in a chat with him Our weeklyWith a claim that Country Music Kruner supposedly asked her to go into their relationship with him for just one month.

He complained:

“He told me to leave within a month. He is, for example, talking about engagement within a year. A [Now] I think, ‘Well, this pattern because you’ve been married four times.’ Everything is a shotgun thing. I have to make some reservations, for example, I can’t do that. I just can’t jump into it. “

Alas !!

Ian further claimed that Jana would “give me a criminal trip” during their relatively short connection and tried to keep her away from other women regardless of the situation:

“[She’d be like], ‘Hey, you don’t have to go back to the gym. Why go back there? Why can’t you work here? Why don’t we just do it? ‘ It was his very low-key manipulative nature that he had and I don’t know if it came from his past. I mean, it definitely does. I can’t deny it. She would tell me something and make me feel bad for trying which I enjoy. I was like, ‘Okay, okay, I’ll sacrifice some of it.’

He added that while living together, he thought “everyone in my life has really been cut off for five, six months”:

“I was not allowed to be around other women. I was constantly asked why I was going here. Or if I went to the gym, why am I going back to the gym? Why should I go back a second time? “

To that end, the consolidation and acquisition staff has also claimed that Jana is trying to use technology to keep up with her during the day!

Ian complained:

“I voluntarily let her track my phone so she wouldn’t have to [to] Ask me and she likes, ‘No, I don’t have to. It is unnecessary. ‘ And a few weeks later, it’s like, ‘Hey, you download this app so I know where you’re going.’ It’s been a few months, but I said, ‘Why now? I have not done anything wrong in any power. And he goes, ‘Well, how come you said that before?’ I, again, had it, but now it’s up to you. It’s under your timeline. And that’s the way things are. “


Ian, who claims he was the driving force behind ending the romance, added that Kramer presumably told him he had lied to his therapists about his relationship ?!

Shinley complains:

“He told me he literally lied to every therapist. So again, they can only do a lot with it and work on what you’re giving him, but it’s clearly not working. So don’t tell me – because I I broke up with you, you got it all of a sudden [a] Perception [of] It doesn’t matter what you do because I’m sure he told everyone else. “

Shh! It’s really a complaint!

Ian further claims that Jana’s open relationship with and through the media is open When down Podcasts, presumably a front page and “a rating thing.”

Complaint of newly unmarried person:

“I have a 45-minute voice recording that I walked out of his house saying, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ However, he is the one who goes through all these publications, because I know he needs attention. It’s a rating thing. I mean, I understand, but it’s very sad. As you might say, ‘Hey, we’re divided. I wish him well and everything will be fine. ‘ But now he’s on a path that I really want him to realize is not good. “

That’s great!

For his part, Kramer Also Issued a statement Our weekly Which was published on Tuesday. In it, he calls Ian for cheating on his ex-wife and is thought to be cheating on Jane while they are dating ?!

The former One tree hill The star says:

“The reason I don’t say anything more about this breakup is that Ian lied about cheating on his ex-wife and I was trying to protect her. She has become a friend of mine and I have been trying to protect her privacy, but she has now allowed me to speak on her behalf. Ian is angry because all his lies have come out and now the story is twisting. Since then I have learned from many women that I was not alone in our relationship, but I am happily moving on with my life and I hope she will do the same. “

Oops …

When Mag goes back to Shinley and asks him to comment on the fraud allegations, he responds:

“I have apologized to my ex-wife and the owner of my mistake. Six people have been injured and are using it against me. “

Drama, drama, drama.

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