Jane Armstrong and Rhine Holiday: The End! After eight years of marriage!

Jane Armstrong is a plastic surgeon who fixes various parts of patients’ bodies for a living.

But Orange County star The Real Housewives has now confirmed that one thing he now realizes he can never fix:

His marriage.

According to court documents obtained by US Weekly and other celebrity gossip outlets, the Bravo personality filed for legal divorce from his wife earlier this month.

Jane Armstrong and Rhine Holiday

Doctors have listed “inconsistent differences” as the reason for the divorce and are seeking legal and physical custody of the ex-couple’s three children, asking to see Holiday.

The divorced couple got married in November 2013.

They include 10-year-old twins Vince and Vera, 9-year-old son Robert.

For the record, Armstrong Court seeks to terminate marital support for both parties.

Pictures of Jane Armstrong and Rhine Holiday

Jane joined the cast of this long-running series in Season 16.

Almost immediately, viewers recognized the excitement in their reunion, though, as the couple struggled to balance romance, paternity and their respective professions.

“We had a challenging relationship and people could judge a lot. Many people reached out and said, ‘Oh, you deserve better. How can you let him treat you like that? ‘

“But they’re not in every day. They don’t know history,” Armstrong told our weekly in February.

Pictures of Jane Armstrong and Rhine Holiday

Notable for many Bravo fans was a dinner party at the home of Heather and Terry Dubro, which aired on a recent episode in which Armstrong drank heavily.

After Holiday seemed uncomfortable at the rally due to his wife’s intoxication, the Bacchus star concluded that their relationship was a “water”.

Shortly afterwards, Armstrong and Holiday tried to separate.

“I’m just going to be honest. We’re actually separated,” he told Page Six about three months ago. “We became separated and then lived without each other.”

Rhine Holiday and Jane Armstrong

This is at the same time e! In the interview, however, Armstrong said that he and Holiday had reunited and were in a “great place”, partly because of the therapy session that they attended as a couple.

Alas, the reunion did not last long.

“I would say that the show put a magnifying glass on what’s going on at our wedding that we’ve been ignoring for years when we were both unhappy,” Armstrong added to our weekly this winter.

News of the breakup of Armstrong and Holiday comes as a break for The Real Housewives of Orange Country, with no cast information about Season 17 released yet.

Rhine Holiday and Jane Armstrong and family

To the credit of the ex-husbands, they spent time as a family just a day before the submission of Armstrong’s legal papers.

“What a magical day at Disneyland with family!” Armstrong wrote via Instagram on Monday as the caption to the photo above.

“Thank you @Disneyland for an amazing tour and day full of laughter, laughter and pure magic !!!!

“Looks like a little kid again!”

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