Janelle and Christine Brown continue to hang out, promoting shady weight loss

Christine Brown and Sister Wives are not family members.

But the mother of six will always be there One Wives of his ex-sister.

He and Janelle Brown have made this clear at the moment.

Although Christine announced in November that she had left Cody and even left Arizona altogether, the reality star continued to hang out with her close friend Janelle.

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown in Sedona

On Sunday, via Instagram, Janelle uploaded a bunch of photographs that showed her on a short vacation.

She was not alone.

“Pink jeep ride in Sedona yesterday! So much fun !!!” Janelle writes along with snapshots. “I’ve been wanting one for years.”

He then tagged Christine and thanked her best friend directly, adding: “Thanks আয়োজনchristine_brownsw for organizing this! #Sedona #pinkjeep #gooutside #redrock #vortex.”

Christine out

In the months since her breakup with Cody, Christine has continued to hang out with Janelle, who for some reason chooses to stick to her loveless relationship.

The two women, for example, enjoyed a trip to Disney World with their children in March.

“I love this vacation! It literally bought me my malignant ears! I’ve been wanting them for years!” Christine captioned a post on Instagram.

“And they actually laughed and posed for a photo!”

Christine Brown Disney World

Christine and Janelle are still working together.

As previously detailed, TLC personalities often promote a variety of weight loss supplements and other items on social media.

They even did it on this same trip to Sedona, coming to a halt near Plexus headquarters, which sounds like a multi-marketing scheme … much like LuLuRoe, a business that has put Mary Brown in a bit of hot water.

“It’s incredible to feel incredible,” both women wrote in the caption of the following photo.

“After visiting Plexus headquarters, we are even more impressed with the quality that this company maintains in business and products!”

Janelle and Christine Brown for Plexus

According to the company’s website:

Plexus is at the cutting edge of health science with a range of products focused on every aspect of your health and happiness.

We help your body get rid of bad things, pave the way for better digestive health and nourish your system for the benefit of body and mind.

Our goal is to create products of the highest quality non-GMO, 100% vegetarian, and gluten free, wherever possible. Most importantly, the Plexus product works.

They are for the health of all, so there is health for all.

Pictures of Christine and Janelle Brown

Go back to Janelle’s personal life though.

In the final season of Sister Wives, Janelle admits that she had second (and maybe even third?) Thoughts about her relationship with Cody.

“I’ve really reflected myself over the last few weeks and thought, ‘OK, look: do I still choose plural marriage?'” He said while talking to Robin a few months ago.

“Yeah, I still chose it, but I had to make that conscious decision with myself.”

Cody and Janelle Brown on air

Will he ever change his mind?

What did her friend Christine decide to do a while ago?

“It definitely gave me a lot to think about,” Janelle added in Season 16, where things stand between her and Cody.

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