Janelle Brown takes a hike, assuming she’s split from Cody

A mother is going for a walk with her children.

She’s smiling for the camera.

He shared this picture on social media and got many comments in response.

By itself, this is a simple and innocent act.

Janelle Brown hikes

But General Brown does not live in emptiness.

Longtime Sister Wives star stays in the spotlight and Under A microscope and as a result, he could not upload a simple picture without the weight of many clever and anxious observers.

“My flagstaff-based kids and I went hiking on a fun day! (See my stories for more details),” Janelle wrote as a caption to the snapshot above Saturday, adding the following hashtags after doing so:

#gooutside #adventureinyourownbackyard #arizonastateparksandtrails #tontonaturalbridg.

General on Instagram

Many followers quickly noticed that Janelle looked very happy in the picture … while also pointing out who was missing from an outside adventure.

Why does Cody never go? As one user wrote, others echoed this sentiment as follows:

Sadly, their father never stayed with them.

I never see Cody join your family.

Cody and Janelle Brown on air

Over the past few weeks, Janelle has made several trips without her spiritual wife – all of them.

He even took these trips with Christine Brown, with whom Janelle was close, even long after Christine announced that she had moved away from the same kind of spiritual reunion with Cody.

Can Janel talk to her friend about doing the same thing?

Could she be the next Sister’s Wife to finally realize once and for all that she has been in some kind of unhealthy relationship for years now?

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown in Sedona

Remember, back in Sister Wives Season 16, Janelle openly thought about what she was doing with Cody.

Her children have grown up.

She treats him badly.

What’s the point at this point?

Janelle and Christine party hard

“With Cody and me now, our relationship is very exciting. And you know, it’s easy to get away,” Janelle said earlier in the broadcast.

In all subsequent specials, Cody would not even say that he fell in love with Janelle.

“We’re not really good partners, but we’re only able to have a marriage that, if you will, is less in attachment,” Cody actually said in a special, as confidential and unemotional way as possible.

“I don’t even know it. We’re good friends, we’re doing well. It’s a lot more, like, just a committed relationship,” he added.

Janelle Brown thinks

After the season ended, meanwhile, a report in US Weekly claimed that Christine Cody’s departure would one day persuade General to do the same.

“She sees how happy Christine is now that she is ‘free’ from Cody and is seriously considering separating from him,” Us Weekly wrote in the article.

“Christine and Janelle are very close and they talked about it …

“[Kody’s] Trembling and worried that Mary or Janelle would leave him. “

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