Janelle Evans only joins fans – after pulling other celebrities for it!

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And really, we can’t blame him for that! That being said, ah, less than two years ago Teenage mother 2 Alam was exploding other celebrities to take this path! And now she’s here! Too much hypocrisy?!?!

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Over the weekend, Janelle announced Twitter That he was officially joining Fans only! The former MTV The star opted in to the adult-themed digital outpost with a new account and asked fans to subscribe:

At the moment, the 30-year-old is charging 20 per month for the subscription service.

Of course not There is Used as an NSFW photo-dump. Like some celebrities Black China They recently clarified what they share on the subscription site. But many users go to adult routes! And for the most popular people on the platform, it could be a huge cash cow !!!

Janelle is still new to the site, and as of Tuesday morning, she has only posted 14 times. Still, some of the fans who jumped into that state of digital media are scratching their heads! On Reddit On Sunday, a user shared a screenshot of a series of old tweets from September 2020 where the former MTV star blasted celebrities who took the OnlyFans route!

In a 2020 tweet, the North Carolina local simply wrote:

“Thank God, I’m not just a fan!”

In a pair of follow-ups, the mother added:

“And the only reason I’m making any comments about OF is because I think you’re all being cheated for money in #research.”

David IsonHis wife then finished his small and big talk:

“Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me.

Fair points, all! It’s certainly a bit strange to see how he caused the explosion, though, considering he’s now the first to jump on the platform even after 24 months. But whatever! Honestly, if he’s going to do it, we hope he makes a lot of money. And good luck for him! (BTW, you can see those Reddit receipts here.)

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To be fair, Jenelle appears to be Kind of Leaning into irrationality.

He popped on her Instagram The weekend account, following her OnlyFans announcement, and posted a tong-in-chic (we hope ?!) promo on her IG stories with a link to her new account:

Janelle Evans has only joined the fans - after pulling other celebrities for it!
This is a way to see it … / (c) General Evans / Instagram


So, uh, good for him?

Nevertheless, Reddit dragged him down after the new release of the old anti-off tweet receipts. Here are some reactions to Janel’s new social media business plan:

“After two years.”

“God I’m very curious about what this content will be like”

“I like it for him.”

“It made me cry”

“She is OK, but there are many more ways to make money. Even better. “

‚ÄúDesperate time calls for desperate action. She makes it very easy to dislike him. “

“She knew in that look that if she had less money, she would get one, Emo. He is building it. Hopefully he’ll build a bank – a crazy time in this world. “


Feedback, fan reader ?? Where do you stand when General jumps into the only fan world ?! Stop talking about it with your take down in the comments (below) …

[Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram]

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