Janelle Evans to fans: Would you like to buy my nude pictures?

Earlier this month, General Evans joined Only Fans.

There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but the move came as a bit of a surprise, as Evans has been scolding and bullying other reality stars over the years who have joined the site with the goal of supplementing their income.

To make matters worse, Janelle’s husband, David Eason, also joined Only Fans.

Many observers took back-to-back announcements as confirmation that Janelle and David had broken down and become increasingly desperate for cash.

General Evans at OnlyFans

And the couple’s interaction in a few weeks seems to be further verified as part of a last-ditch effort to pull themselves out of a deep financial hole.

Genel charges $ 20 per month for access to its content, which is even higher than mainstream stars like Bella Thorne and Amber Rose.

Not only that, customers were asked to do more to access Evans’ most risky photos, which – he implied but did not explicitly include nude photos.

Gen Evans for fans only

Evans is advertising his content on Instagram in an effort to drum up more customers.

Calling herself a “crazy” and telling fans that she is currently posting “kid-free”, Janelle pictures to make her look nude, and her genitals are only obscured by strategically placed emojis.

This means that customers can view unedited versions with her monthly fee, but Reddit and elsewhere, fans have complained, demanding more cash for access to her nudes.

Jenelle on OF

We’re relying on secondhand accounts here, because – well, we’re not going to pay for access to Janel’s page.

For his part, David was equally ambitious to try to lure more customers into his account.

The 33-year-old posted the picture below this week, apparently to give fans an indication of what they can expect if they subscribe.

David Ison for fans only

“I really appreciate the love you give me in my office!” Ison wrote on Instagram.

“My DMs are popping and everyone is being pretty! Yale really gave me the biggest confidence!” The former reality star added.

“If you want to chat with me one by one or see the rest [the] This kind of picture just hit my bio link! “

General at Brie's party

Janelle recently attended a party hosted by Brianna Djessas, apparently in the hope that she would be able to regain her place in Teen Mom 2 by doing so.

But with an MTV camera crew attending the event, it seems unlikely that Evans will be able to make his way back to the show after being unexpectedly fired in 2019.

Neither Janel nor David worked in those years.

Geneles create content

Janelle claims that her OnlyFans page is enjoying incredible popularity in its first month.

Of course, these numbers are likely to drop dramatically in two months after first-round customers feel their curiosity is satisfied.

We hope Janelle is saving the money she earns, but it will be extremely out of character for her.

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