Jason Dugar says he ‘never stopped making love’ after sex offender brother Josh

Jason Dugar Her brother, the convicted child, speaks in support of the porn audience Josh Duggar.

Thursday morning, 22-year-old said Counting alum wrote a multi-post message and published it on it Instagram The account reveals his outspoken response to Josh’s recent 12-and-a-half-year imprisonment for accepting and possessing child pornography.

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Posting the expired message on his Instagram store, Jason commented that he felt the judge Timothy L. Brooks The disgraceful former reality TV star was “justified in his verdict” after years of sentencing. Little Dugar’s brother also explained that Josh’s actions “do not reflect a Christian believer.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Jason shared:

“Yesterday my older brother was sentenced to 151 months in prison for taking and possessing child pornography, about 12 1/2 years in prison. In my opinion, Judge Timothy L. Brooks was justified in his ruling that Josh was given a sentence that would be considered moderate to low for the crime he committed. My heart goes out to my brother for the choices he has made, his actions do not reflect that of a Christian and have undoubtedly insulted the name of my Lord and Savior !! “

The young man adds in the second slide how Josh’s ill behavior was “greatly affected.” [sic] There are those around him. ” Anna DuggarAs Jason noted, the 34-year-old convicted offender has now moved home with his seven children without their father: McKinsey12, Michael10, Marcus8, Meredith6, Mason4, Mariella2, and Madison7 months.

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From there, Jason explained that he would “never stop loving his brother” no matter what he did. Calling on his personal ideals for Christian forgiveness in the difficult circumstances of life, Jason is hopeful that the future will be significantly better than in the past:

“I will never stop loving my brother, no matter what he does, just as my Savior forgave me, so I forgave my brother for his wrongdoing! My prayer is that God will use this situation to make him truly humble and make a real difference in his life! ”

TBH, we are skeptical of the change that is coming for Josh. But Jason is clearly welcome to think about it and pray for it.

Of course, Jason is not the first member of the Dugar family to make a statement this week about Josh’s 151-month long prison term. Jill Duggar And her husband, Derrick DillardFollowing the judge’s decree, they have published their own miscellaneous miscellaneous on their family blog and it has hit something similar to Jason’s.

Jill and Derrick write in part:

“The last few weeks and months have been emotionally difficult. Yesterday was another of those difficult days… we will continue to love and be with Josh and his family. ”

The other members of the Duggar family were not so kind. Josh’s cousin Amy Dugar King Josh took to Instagram after his conviction and expressed all his understandable anger, explaining in the dark that “where is he going … the prisoners will take care of him.”

He continued:

“I can breathe. I knew it would not be easy to prove the maximum punishment for him because in the eyes of the judge it was his first crime – which I hate – but at the same time, he could not have a computer, he could not hurt. [and] Exploit another child and when she sees her children, she needs to be supervised. “

Apparently, Jason’s response was measured a little more than that, apologizing rather than revenge.

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[Image via Jason Duggar/Instagram/Washington County Sheriff’s Office]

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