Jason Dugar speaks out against Josh, annoying Jim Bob

As you may have heard so far, Josh Dugar was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in federal prison on Wednesday.

The response to the news has been mixed, with some commenters expressing relief that Josh will not be able to harm another life for a few years, and others denying the fact that he will no longer be locked up.

At the moment, it seems that the only people who want to punish Josh are his wife and parents.

Anna and Michelle wrote a letter to the judge on behalf of Josh, and Jim Bob sat next to his daughter-in-law during Josh’s sentencing hearing.

Josh D.

For the most part, the rest of the dugouts move away from the proceedings.

Of Josh’s 18 siblings, only Joy-Anna Duggar was present at the sentencing.

Most of the family is stunned in the days when Josh’s fate is sealed, but the two Dugars actually come forward to speak out against Josh.

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

First, Jill Dugar issued a statement stating that she felt she had received justice, and that the judge had done the right thing by sending Josh away for a dozen years.

Now, in a surprise move, 22-year-old Jason Dugar has also issued a statement in which he expressed public support for the judge’s decision.

“Yesterday my eldest brother was sentenced to 151 months in prison for taking and keeping child pornography in prison for about 12 1/2 years,” Jason wrote in his Instagram story.

Jason Dugar in 2021

“In my opinion, Judge Timothy L. Brooks was justified in his ruling that Josh was given a sentence that would be considered from the middle to the bottom for the crime he committed,” he continued.

“My heart goes out to my brother for the choices he has made, his actions do not reflect that of a Christian and have undoubtedly insulted the name of my Lord and Savior !!”

Jason points out that the suffering caused by Josh extends beyond many of his victims:

Jason Dugar on Instagram

“Joshua’s bad decisions have greatly affected the people around him, especially his wife, seven children and our family as a whole,” Jason wrote.

“By saying this, I will never stop loving my brother, no matter what he does, just as my Savior forgave me so I forgave my brother his wrongdoing!” He added, in conclusion:

“My prayer is that God will use this situation to make him truly humble and make a real difference in his life!”

Jason Dugar in Texas

Jim Bob, however, has not spoken publicly since his eldest son was convicted.

But Reddit and elsewhere, fans speculated that the fathers were probably not happy with the statements made by Jason and Jill.

“For me it’s ‘his work doesn’t reflect a Christian’ ohhhhhh I imagine Jim Bob screaming as he reads these,” wrote a Reddit user.

Photo by Jason Dugar

“I mean, it’s true. The word ‘Christian’ means Christ-like. Was Josh’s work somehow ‘Christ-like’? I want to give something to ask Jim Bob and see his reaction,” another added.

“I don’t think siblings are the same wavelength as their parents !!” A third chimed.

“While some believe Josh should have received a larger sentence and still a small number believe he should have received a lighter punishment, God has avenged him today for his unspeakable criminal activity,” Jill and husband Derrick Dillard wrote in a statement.

Derrick Dillard and pregnant Jill Dugar at the courthouse

“It’s unfortunate, but it looks like he could spend more than a decade in federal prison, and for some more experiments, there’s a chance Josh will be rehabilitated so he can safely return to society,” the couple continued.

“Hopefully, Josh can actually start treatment and start working towards a lifestyle where he’s less likely to re-offend.”

Considering Jim Bob, Michelle and Anna firmly hold the belief that Josh was framed, Jill and Jessa are separated from their parents only to admit that Josh is guilty.

Jill Dugar on her birthday

Jill broke up with her parents a few years ago, but as far as we know, Jason is still talking to Jim Bob and Michelle.

His statement may be an indication that the consensus among the Duggar siblings is that Josh shows him as much guilt.

And it could be a sign that Jim Bob no longer enjoys as much control as he did before.

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