Jason Momoa has apologized to fans after he slandered her for taking pictures and videos inside her

Jason Momoa Fans are feeling really sorry at the moment after calling her to break a sacred rule and take pictures and videos while inside. Sistine Chapel.

Earlier this week, the 42-year-old actor took over Instagram Appreciate some beautiful pieces from to share several videos and photos of yourself Michelangelo Inside Apostolic Palace. The only problem, though? Photography is not permitted for this reason as flash can be harmful to artwork. He captioned the post:

“I love you. What a wonderful start to our day to enjoy Italy Roma.”

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Fans soon became enraged with Jason, believing that he must have received special treatment while inside. See feedback (below):

“So they let rich and famous films come in but we farmers can’t.”

“Celebrity privileges. Ordinary people can’t take pictures in that room and can’t take pictures like that in an empty room. This kind of horse ** t.”

“Omji, of course they let you take pictures (I thought it was not authorized to save.”

“We, the regular people, are not allowed to film inside the Sistine Chapel.”

“Then wait … pictures are banned here somehow even though I love you @prideofgypsies You can only clean the house for yourself and take group pictures, which means privilege among celebrities. Just now. Such BS places have their stupid rules. They are visibly flexible. “

Other people even called her to touch a work of art in one of the videos!

“It is better not to touch the ancient relics with your hands. You are disrespectful. “

“Don’t touch the art with your fingers!”

“You don’t touch the sculpture! So disrespectful”

“You can’t touch any of our masterpieces !!!”

“I shudder when he rubs his hands on the art. I love @prideofgypsies, but not cool, dude. “

It is safe to say that some people were not happy about this! And we guess Jason saw all the reactions in his comments section because he actually apologized about it! The Aquaman Responded to criticism in a video shared with him Just Jared And later on Saturday he posted on his Instagram account, saying he did not want to offend anyone:

“I just wanted to say, if you ever think I disrespected your culture, that was not my intention. I came here to visit the Sistine Chapel when I was 19 or 20 years old. I always wanted and now I can, I made a great donation to bring my friends and crew because we only had a few days off to enjoy these places. “

He continued:

“And then I saw that people wanted to take pictures with me, which is very strange, during a visit to the Vatican with all these surprises and they wanted to take pictures with me, which I did not get, but regardless, I did it. I was very respectful and asked permission from what I thought would be okay. I don’t want to do anything that disrespects anyone’s culture. If I do, I apologize. That was not my intention. I paid for that private moment and gave the church a nice grant. I love you Sorry if you were unprepared. “

What do you think about the debate, Perezcious reader? Do you think that taking pictures and videos inside the Sistine Chapel was disrespectful to Jason? Consider the drama in the comments (below).

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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