Jay Cutler: Best friend’s wife caught banging while on vacation with her kids?

As an NFL quarterback, J. Cutler’s NFL career was something of a disappointment.

But as the head of a messy tabloid, Christine Cavalli’s ex-husband delivers products like a few more.

When the couple divorced in 2020, Cutler’s erratic divorce from Cavalry inspired a number of headlines.

Despite rumors that Cutler and Cavalry have compromised for their children, the outsiders are still living separate lives, and recent reports about Jay’s behavior have certainly dispelled any suspicions that Christine did the right thing by kicking him. Obstacles.

J. Cutler on vacation

According to a new report from In contactCutler was recently caught having an affair with his best friend’s wife

A source told the tabloid that Cutler was “aware” and “upset” of the relationship.

“Jay went on vacation with his kids and his friends and his wife and their kids,” a second insider added.

J. Cutler on Instagram

“Husband and J are good friends and neighbors too. Their kids are all friends. While they were on the trip, Jay was reuniting with his wife. “

According to the first source, the husband “confronted” Jay about their relationship and found out that Cutler and his wife had been “hooking up for a long time”.

Needless to say, Christine is not thrilled with the fact that all of these plays were performed on vacation involving her three young children.

Christine Cavallari and J

“The friend has arrived [ex-wife Kristin Cavallari]That’s how he found out, “said the second source.

“She just wants to keep herself away from all this.”

Yes, this is probably the best decision in this situation.

In 2011 Christine Cavallari and J

At the moment, Christine probably wants to keep herself completely away from Jay, but it’s hard to end a relationship when you have three kids.

In addition to this latest scandal, Cutler has been accused of sleeping with Cavalry’s best friend while they were married.

In her divorce filing, Christine accuses Jay of “inappropriate marital conduct that makes further intercourse unsafe and inappropriate” and cites “inconsistent differences” as the cause of the split.

Christine Cavallari and J. Cutler throwbacks

“Sadly, after 10 years together, we came to a loving conclusion about divorce,” the former couple wrote on Instagram at the time.

“We have nothing but love and respect for each other and we are deeply grateful for the years we have shared, for creating memories and for the children we are proud of. It’s just a matter of the two being separated, “the joint statement continued.

“We urge everyone to respect our privacy as we navigate this difficult time in our family.”

Casey and Jesse

But if a silver lining is found in the couple’s nasty divorce, Christine says the current co-parenting system has brought her closer to her children!

“My kids have half the time now,” she reveals Hollywood life Immediately after the split.

“So, when I have them for the week, I’m incredibly present,” Christine continued.

Very cavalry

“I am not distracted by my phone or anything else. I’m with them. If anyone is in a bad mood or anything else, I keep calm because I know I will lose them in a few days. “

It’s good that Christine is so close to her kids.

When they are old enough to understand their father, they will really need his support.

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