Jeremy Bhulo admits Jim Bob and Michelle Ginger have faced Dugar

Over time, Jingar Dugar denies the curved rule of Jim Bob and Cult after wearing ordinary people’s clothes.

Technically, it is allowed, in the sense that her “lord husband” Jeremy Vulolo “allows” her to participate in society in certain ways.

But fans and cautious critics alike have long wondered if the rumors about Jim Bob and Michelle Ginger’s outfit are true.

The answer is yes. Jeremy testified in court about that effect, describing the conflict between his father-in-law and his wife.

Ginger and Jeremy Bhulo in LA

Let’s first make it clear that we are not talking about starting a OnlyFans of Ginger, trying to post non-facial on Twitter or #FreeTheNipple on Instagram.

These are completely subtle things for those who want to do.

But Ginger’s “transgression” is a little hard to explain to strangers with the twisted worldview of the Duggar family.

Ginger wears dugout pants and heels

Ginger wears pants, she has styled and dyed her hair and she and her husband have even shared pictures of moderately drunk.

Only in the cultural extremism of a fundamentalist community is such activity seen as scandalous.

But this is Ginger’s background. Over time, things like the restraint on his shoulders have long surprised fans, as they know the sexist rules by which Ginger was raised.

Jeremy Bhulo talking to a fan

For collisions, The sun Arkansas has now got their hands on a sealed court document from a dismissed lawsuit.

Ginger’s husband, Jeremy, offered a statement during the trial last year, and was asked about Jim Bob and Michelle.

When asked if his father-in-law had expressed an “opinion about a different suffix” between him and Jingar, he replied “yes”.

Jim Bob and Jeremy

Jeremy gave an example as part of his testimony: “They talked to us – what it was – I guess a courtesy.”

He admits: “We had a few conversations.”

Jeremy answered “yes” when the attorney asked Ginger to choose “appropriate pants wear.”

Ginger Dugar and Jeremy Bhulo in the village

Jeremy confirms that the whole world already knows – that Michelle doesn’t wear pants.

“Is it a question of humility that they talk to you; Pants vs. skirts? “The attorney asked.

“In a way, yes. I mean, that’s not the right word, “Jeremy replied.

Ginger Dugar, Jeremy Bhulo picture

“They just shared them – their thoughts on the women in the dress, I guess,” Jeremy summed up.

He was quoted as saying: “I remember Mrs. Dugar just sharing her own personal courtesy journey.”

Jeremy then disagreed with the notion that Ginger would in any way “dress immodestly.”

Jeremy Forget and Famous Wife

Jeremy’s testimony touched on other issues, and so did Ginger.

They admit they don’t want a small nation like Jim Bob and Michelle to breed enough kids for the population.

He and Ginger are very conservative Christians according to normal social values, but less extreme than the religion in which Ginger grew up.

Jeremy forgets

Jeremy was also asked about the emotional distance from his father-in-law’s home, especially in light of his move to California.

“There – probably. I think, though, it will be difficult to diagnose,” he admitted.

“I think as you get older and have your own family, kids and life,” Jeremy said. “You know, you go from seeing everyone every day to talking to everyone every day, you know.”

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