Jeremy Vuolo: Jim Bob Duger hates wearing ginger pants!

When Ginger Dugar married Jeremy Vulo in 2016, she was immediately given the freedom she had dreamed of all her life.

Dugar critics liken the situation to a scene in the Harry Potter franchise where a man was released from the slavery of the house elves after being given an article on clothing.

The analogy is not perfect, as Ginger is still loyal to Jeremy, but it has worked on several levels:

After a lifetime of being under her subordinate’s thumb, Ginger was given her freedom in a simple ceremony – and clothing played a big part in her new freedom.

Ginger Dugar and Jeremy Bhulo in the village

With Jeremy’s permission, Ginger was finally able to ignore some of the more limited aspects of the infamous Dugar dress code.

This meant that Ginger could wear pants instead of a long skirt for the rest of her life, as she did throughout her childhood and adolescence.

And according to newly released court documents, Ginger’s parents are not happy about her decision to ignore the rules.

Jeremy Bhulo and Jingar Dugar are their village

The Dugar court case, which has made headlines in recent months, is undoubtedly the trial of Josh Dugar on child pornography charges.

(Thanks, Josh was convicted. He’s going to be sentenced tomorrow, and he’s going to face 20 years in prison.)

But in December 2021, several family members were in court for different reasons.

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

As a teenager, Josh molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

After news of the attack surfaced in 2015, Jill, Jessa, Zinger, and Joy-Anna Dugar filed a lawsuit against the police department that released Josh’s criminal record.

The women complained that their privacy had been violated, but the judge ruled against them and dropped their case out of court.

Jeremy Forget and Famous Wife

And according to transcripts obtained this week by UK tabloids The sunSome amazing Dugar privacy was exposed in the courtroom.

At the time of his testimony, Jeremy Zinger revealed to his parents No. Happy with the decision to start wearing pants.

“Have they ever expressed an opinion about you and your spouse vs. a different belief?” A lawyer asked Bhulo.

“Yes,” Jeremy replied, adding:

Jeremy Vuolo wears a

“They’ve talked to us – what it was – I guess it’s polite. We’ve had a few conversations.”

“Ginger likes to wear pants to ceremonies, doesn’t she?” Asked the lawyer.

Jeremy again answered in the affirmative and Michelle confirmed No. Wear pants.

Jeremy Klein arrives

“Is it a question of humility that they talk to you; Pants vs. skirts? ”The attorney asked.

“In a way, yes. I mean, that’s not the right word, “Bhulo replied.

“They just shared them – their thoughts on the women in the dress, I guess. I remember Mrs. Dugar just shared her own personal courtesy journey.”

Vuolos in 2020

Jeremy further stated that he did not share his in-laws’ opinion that the couple should have “as many children as the Lord allowed.”

“What is the distance? And obviously, there are more physical distances since you moved to California. Is there a greater emotional distance between Ginger and her parents before you move to California? ” At one point the lawyer asked.

“There – probably. I think, though, it will be difficult to diagnose,” Jeremy responded.

He is looking at Jingar

“I think as you get older and you will have your own family, kids and life – you know, like you meet everyone every day, to talk to everyone every day, you know,” he continued.

It’s a long-established fact that Ginger’s relationship with her parents was a rocky one.

In fact, there are rumors that Jim Bob and Michelle Ginger and Jeremy denied him after he moved to California.

Jeremy and Jinje

But the Dugars have recently come up with the idea that the whole of that bad blood is a thing of the past.

Now, it seems safe to say that this is not the case.

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