Jesse Dugar was brainwashed to be Ben Sewald’s perfect wife, fans fear

Although Jesse Dugar has spoken very openly about past problems, fans are still understandably concerned.

Is she really happy with her marriage? Can she ever be happy living a life she didn’t really choose for herself?

These anxieties began when Jesus learned how to kiss from his parents, when he had his own thoughts and ideas.

Fans don’t have to guess how Jesse’s parents made her to please her then-future husband. They have seen themselves on TV.

Jesse with Ben

Jesse and Ben have been married for eight years.

However, a 19 children and counting The clip revolves around – which shows Jessa getting advice from the worst person: her mother.

At the time, Jesse was only in love with Ben, but he wasn’t sure what to do and turned to Michelle for help.

Jessa Duggar in the video

“I’ve been in a relationship with a wonderful guy named Ben Sewald, and we’ve been in love for about four months now,” Jessa explained to the camera.

“It’s gotten better. Although I miss her,” the audience watched her tell Michelle.

“So he’s super-sensitive like an emotional person and I’m not really, you know,” Jessa explained to Mami Diarrest.

Jesse Dugar, Michelle Dugar and Jim Bob Dugar

“I’m just like, cut and dried,” Jessa noted.

“And,” he explained, “so he always texted me like the sweetest thing.”

Jesse continued with a very funny laugh: “And I said, ‘Uh, where do I put them?'”

Jessa Duggar Post-Baby Body

Unfortunately, this is when Michelle – the product of decades of cult brainwashing – offered her relationship advice version.

“Although I know that usually you’re just real, you know, simple and straightforward about things, you’re probably saying ‘Oh Ben, it’s so sweet, oh thank you!’ Something like this should be said, “he suggests.

Michelle continued: “But he expressed love, perhaps accepting it that way.”

Jesse Duggar YouTube still

“And on your part, you will probably practice learning how to express the language of love that he needs to hear from you,” Michelle advises.

“And,” he admitted, “it’s a learning process.”

While learning to communicate is important, it sounds incredibly one-sided … and so are social media users.

Like wearing dugout pants

“It’s gross,” a radiator commented after the clip aired. “They act as if Jesse has some kind of flaw.”

The commenter continued: “There is nothing wrong with not being direct and exhibiting.”

“That’s why these people have to stop marrying the person they meet for the first time,” Segeli, a Radiator observer, observed.

Jesse Dugar & Co.

“They need time to figure out if their personalities complement each other,” the commenter argued.

“If Ben needed someone to reciprocate his romantic personality,” Reddit commented, “he deserved it.”

They continued: “If Jesse couldn’t do it for her, she deserved someone who could fit her better.”

Jesse Duggar is crazy

“He used to have a lot of fun with someone who had a dry sense of humor and could push him, intellectually I mean,” explained a second radiator.

“I’m not saying anyone is bad and sarcastic,” the commenter explains, “but only one who will find him.”

The commentator observed: “I think he has lost a lot in marriage.”

Is Jessa Dugar pregnant?

“He could have been more tactful in his response, but yes, it’s clearly a sign that they weren’t a good match,” a third one shouted.

“It’s sad that they encouraged her to double up and change her personality,” lamented Raditor, “instead of ending the topic.”

Another agrees: “I think it’s sick. Michelle’s reaction is gross. Others are not so gross, but close. It’s scary how people think girls should be raised.”


“Sowoooo …. how does he do everything to learn the language of his love,” another asked.

“Why should he give and take in the way he chooses?” The commenter mentioned.

“Why isn’t she being encouraged to give in to the language of her love and communicate with herself so that she can learn to love him in the way she likes ???

Counting on Jesa

“They think it’s a bad thing that Jesse has his own romantic style when it’s not,” said another.

It more or less summarizes Duger’s beliefs: Women must be ideally matched with their husbands, not only sexually but also personally.

To them, Jesse’s literal-mindedness was a personality flaw because it was a sign of an independent personality, now her husband who was created to please her.

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